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  1. If the 66 at PDX holds it will be the coldest July high temp in a decade. Regime change????
  2. Today's really overachieving, though maybe the high clouds coming in will cap things a bit. Feels pretty nasty out there.
  3. This is now the 5th wettest June on record at PDX at 3.49", moving ahead of 1981 (a hottttt summer). Could move into 4th ahead of 1954 (a very coldddddd summer) if we get another tenth of an inch with the trough this weekend. Totals to the north and south on the I5 corridor aren't particularly noteworthy. Seattle could even end the month with below average precip.
  4. That station was comically overexposed. This is Seattle from the same month
  5. Personally I'm hoping we get somebody from Fargo to join the board so they can spend the entire winter telling us about how awful continental air is and how we shouldn't be rooting for anything other than endless SW flow. That would be extremely interesting and highly relevant.
  6. Hopefully this wet June is setting us up for another summer without choking in fire smoke. Last summer was so nice in that aspect after the disgusting air quality and milk white skies of 2017 and 2018.
  7. Here's the raw unsmoothed averages for 1991-2020 so far. The NWS average might be 84/60 for late July.
  8. LOL Even that cherry picked period was much warmer than 1954. Maybe more total precip in 2019 but definitely less gloomy.
  9. Let's try really hard guys. If we give it our best effort we can do it!
  10. The very idea that the temperature could fall below 50 anywhere on the planet is deeply disturbing to him.
  11. I've always considered April's record low to be the weakest of any PDX monthly record. Even with today's UHI and warmer climate it's beatable. If I get bored enough during the pandemic I might make a thread on the weakest and strongest monthly records for major PNW stations.
  12. Sticking to everything here, even some slushy accumulation on the roads.
  13. It's almost as if you're looking at different models than everybody else. You're setting yourself up to be massively dissapointed. Verbatim the Euro operational looks solidly chilly but not remotely close to historic, and that's the coldest solution any model is showing right now. It's also been getting pushed back and watered down the last few days which has been the theme all winter.
  14. Sometimes you see a pink haired college hipster/feminist say some annoying stuff too. ******* awful unlivable liberal cesspool. I'd much rather live in backwoods Oklahoma.
  15. What mechanism is there that could cause any meaningful difference in atmospheric blocking? The difference between solar minimum and solar max is absolutely trivial in terms of total solar irradiance at about .1%.
  16. These are the actual raw averages of the 2000s compared to the 2010s.
  17. At OLM the 2010s were significantly warmer than the 2000s. Every month was at least a little bit warmer. Jan: +0.9 over 2000s Feb: +0.3 Mar: +0.9 Apr: +1.0 May: +1.1 Jun: +0.6 Jul: +0.4 Aug: +2.1 Sep: +1.3 Oct: +0.8 Nov: +0.2 Dec: +0.6
  18. PDX has been at 39 or 40 degrees for 24 hours straight. Seems notable.
  19. It's unbelievable that we ration out economic success to people based on their grades as idiot adolescents well before their brains are even done developing. That being said, the idea many teenagers have that you need to get into a high end college right out of High School in order to live a successful life is untrue, especially if you have a support system around you. Hoping to see some flakes before I go to bed tonight but the Coast Range has been completely owning all of the precip. Sad.
  20. I wouldn't want him to be permabanned but he was absolutely begging for a suspension. His posts were making the forum almost unreadable.
  21. High of 8 at PDX on the 16th???? Move over January 1888.
  22. Are there any analogs for the kind of evolution shown on the 18z? Seems hard to believe we could go into the deep freeze before heights even get above ~543dm over Anchorage.
  23. Super mild out right now, 57 at PDX. Hoping the AR comes in slightly farther south than the 00z shows because some heavy rain sounds awesome right now after such an inactive fall/early winter.
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