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  1. But mass action starts at the individual level. Same argument applies for voting. We as a country need to match our GHG emissions with our environmental values, not just because we have faith in other countries joining us, but because we exert *some* kind of influence on the atmosphere, be it big or small. Because we can. Because it is who we are, and who we ought to be.
  2. Summer over the last decade has gone on its own tangent. Winters haven't appreciably warmed as much in that same timespan. I think once summer loosens its grip on North America, we'll devolve into a semi-regular wet season pattern. Late October through early November will be wet, me thinks.
  3. Tomorrow the normal high at KSEA dips below 70F. Actual high temperatures tomorrow may indeed follow suit. Then we warm for four days.
  4. Huh. Ironically that's probably a good thing when -ENSO is controlling ridge placement more directly, in the midwinter. But a bad thing right now now while this weird summer pattern is holding a firm grip.
  5. Do you think this is one of those years though where when it does form, it's got some kick to it?
  6. Tuesday is looking unnervingly warm for this whole portion of the world, at this time of year.
  7. That is relative to the new 1991-2020 normals. Also, standard deviations for temperature departures vastly decrease during the summer months. You know this.
  8. The ground here is disturbingly dry. Not nearly as bad as 2015 when there was a pretty stark bush die-off, but still getting worried for the Fall grass green up. Wouldn't be shocked to find that a good bit of the lawn has died. That also happened in 2015.
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