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  1. According to @Phil that will never advect here
  2. I did a brief pathways stint at Sandpoint back in Senior year HS, I can absolutely confirm this.
  3. haha dogs will eat anything! kind of had it coming eating a funny smelling wrapper on the ground. honestly it cracks me up. he's already acting more 'normal', jumping on the couch and eating and drinking again. I wasn't there for it at the time, but apparently earlier he couldn't figure out how to keep his head upright! little guy was zonked
  4. He's not stoned anymore but he's definitely loopy. Scared the daylights out of my poor mother, she thought he was having a stroke If you're gonna spark it up that's great but leaving your shit in the grass is just asking for trouble. Please, you know, have consideration for others. This extends to all littering
  5. Mom’s dog ate a joint on his walk today and is now high out of his mind. Vet confirmed it. Poor dude
  6. At least the 18z is an absolute thunderfest. Cutoff lows create pretty incredible dynamics.
  7. Aaaand we have a winner! Bonus points for the stellar title. All preference war discussion shall be had here. Please try to stick to that.
  8. Just had to explain to my roommate what the deal is on the forums. Now he wants a full on documentary on the preference wars
  9. Y’all have me cracking up at work, good job haha
  10. I’m serious, that banner offer is legit. Someone. Please.
  11. First person to make a Preference Wars thread gets a special banner
  12. Feels like a summer evening out there with 60s and clouds. Very pleasant. Might have a midnight high tomorrow.
  13. 00z GFS is awesome though I wouldn't mind if it were to end on a better note. Looks like it's about to pop up a week long period of ridging.
  14. Not going to lie though, tomorrow’s cooldown sounds nice. I am not acclimated at all for summer yet
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