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  1. I'd be more upset that this thing is sleet instead of snow.
  2. Not sure if it matters, but RGEM is spinning up a secondary low that heads into Newport, and broadens out the blue over NW Oregon as comes ashore..
  3. only thing I can think is the precip rates drags down the temps in the 925mb layer to keep all snow
  4. I've mentioned this before, but in this pattern what does the snow level really count for and why is it such a crutch for the NWS PDX?? Snow, mainly after 4pm. Snow level 2400 feet lowering to 500 feet. High near 30. East wind around 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.
  5. Second dose is what takes people down - count on at least 12 hours staying in bed.
  6. something funky when with the offshore flow off the gorge isn't enough to cool the atmosphere. Don't know how that changes before tonight.
  7. That disappointment you feel when you go outside and realize that it was mostly sleet instead of snow.
  8. Can't get rid of the warm layer. Back to sleet on west side.
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