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  1. Very weak might be generous, but definitely not maximizing the heights under that ridge.
  2. I think the entire west is going to be waiting for the seasonal weakening in September of the SW high to finally move into a new regime.
  3. Only improvement I see is that when pattern reverts to the big ridge, the 850s don't get to the 25c range.
  4. New Euro is slightly disheartening... cut offs causing model chaos.
  5. GFS was the last holdout for extreme heat next week but 12z is much more in line.
  6. Funny thing is the models have hinted a couple times of next week's hot ridge doing a big broad retrogression and putting the pnw into a zonal nw flow. Could see that actually happening into September when the 4ch is ready to die.
  7. Don't look at the temps the GFS is spitting out for next Wednesday.
  8. Looks like the longevity and extremity of next weeks heat will depend on whether the low off the coast cuts off and allows the EPac high to connect with the 4CH.
  9. The chance of comfortable nights increases even with hot days.
  10. 8 degree drop in Beaverton in the last half hour, with some marine clouds beginning to move in.
  11. A three day heat wave with only one "stay inside" day for Portland feels like a win.
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