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  1. evolution of Marie could end up very beneficial to the California fires
  2. That's an exciting pattern set up once it gets west pacific typhoons into the mix. 06 had some fun stuff around the 13th.
  3. Cute but I was pointing out the euro idea of a mini early season windstorm was off the table
  4. The rapid developing low later next week is gone, but that's some impressive moisture hitting bc and washington Wednesday and Thursday
  5. The placement of that cell looks right over the heart of the fire.
  6. Most Eps runs aren't picking up the second development later in the week while Euro went crazy.
  7. is there documentation that the 06/18z runs verify less than 00/12? 18z gfs a ton weaker with next weeks storm and very little gets down to the Oregon fires.
  8. Jet going into California seems a little off for September
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