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  1. Fwiw I never have issues with temp readings on my acurite
  2. Mild zonal flow for entire west coast wouldn't be a bad thing.
  3. NBM has really backed off the precip in the initial front in Portland, but still delivers some post front showers. Totals are still way down for the entire event.
  4. I like how the fire(Haypress?) is throwing off radar returns, then the rain goes over and it shuts down.
  5. Strong zonal pattern rather than too blocky. Entire west coast could use three months of W or NW jet.
  6. Sorry but wasn't he more known for the birthday call outs than the weather?
  7. Euro looks near the same as Canadian through next Tuesday.
  8. Signal is weak for a return to that kind of heat and it's shown to be a quick hit if it happens.
  9. Trajectory would be awful for moisture in the middle of winter, it's a non starter in the summer.
  10. Good trends on last night's eps and new gefs to keep ridge more offshore next weekend. This may be last weekend of the truly oppressive heat.
  11. A little cooler next weekend too, but still above average.
  12. Cool bias. I think the move to a broad Pacific low probably long term does more good to change up the pattern out of the furnace, may need to deal with a couple hot days to get the benefits.
  13. Looks definite that we're heading back near 100 next Friday and Saturday.
  14. I'm really hoping that if we ever get to 89 days over 90° that you post Ray Carruth.
  15. Stations around Portland running up to -5 from yesterday. 105 seems very unlikely.
  16. If the Euro shifts that 600 dam high over us, game over.
  17. It goes beyond dread to reputational changes. Politics aside, people would put up with a disfunctional government and a wreck of a sociopolitical atmosphere when the springs and summers were amazing compared to the rest of the country. No one will put up with all this nonsense for the climate of Fresno.
  18. Worth noting the operational was on the very warm end of the ensemble range.
  19. Seems like a safe bet that next week will be a carbon copy of this.
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