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  1. Went on a hike to Dry Creek outside of Prineville today. Couldn’t tell you how many grasshoppers and dragon flies I saw. 1000’s. Correlation to an analog? Probably not.
  2. This is where my brother in law lives right now. Where the white dot is. He said he’ll do fine since he has shutters and beer.
  3. Should have hit me up. I would’ve met you somewhere or you could’ve came to my restaurant.
  4. Since we’re all on the subject, I just found out I have a second child on the way. About 9 weeks along or so. I have a beautiful 8 year old girl now and hope she loves this one. In other news, I received .05 of precip overnight. Looks to be it for awhile unless that storm in one week comes through for us.
  5. But cold troughs sure do make it feel like it. Brrrr yesterday over here. I actually had to turn on the heat for a little while.
  6. .20 so far today (since 5pm) and still raining. Not bad. Thought we’d get around .05. Glad it overachieved. Should put a huge dent in the fires one would think.
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