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  1. Kurt Russell in the Christmas Chronicles. Watching it now. Not too bad for a Xmas movie.
  2. Ya I don’t have any pics but I’ve seen it in the Bend/Redmond area a number of times like that over the last decade.
  3. A little snow falling about noon on Wednesday in Bend. Roads got covered shortly after this. IMG_4841.MOV
  4. That’s what I said Jim. 40-50% chance average or warmer than normal. Close to a coin flip.
  5. Which would mean it has a 40-50% chance of an average or warmer winter. Sounds like a coin flip to me.
  6. I for one would love to have the “goods” mid December through the new year. That’s the best possible time in my eyes. Makes the holidays more memorable as well.
  7. No one likes you Jesse. It’s ok man. I like ya, sometimes. I get the humor. They are a little sensitive if you ask me.
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