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  1. Woke up to an amazing 1/4” on the ground. Temp is 28
  2. So it’s not showing the SSW anymore in the long range?
  3. This. I had around 30” on the ground on the 26th of February in ‘19. It stuck around for quite some time with a couple bouts of snow the following few weeks.
  4. Just out of curiosity, where exactly do “we” want the number to be? When I say “we”, I mean the normal people that want actual normal and/or snowy weather.
  5. Long range doing goofus things. At least it’s something to look at for now.
  6. So the chances of SSW events increases in Nino years?
  7. I get some of that you posted. The majority I don’t. Layman’s terms?
  8. Question for the stat gurus on here. Is there a correlation with Enso and SSW events? Thinking this winter will take a strong event to get us the goods here in the pnw.
  9. Great movie in the early 80’s. Lol. Ernest Borgnine I believe.
  10. Also similar to 2003. I remember a heavy wet snow the day after Halloween in NE Portland.
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