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  1. I’m sure it has to do with a 52 degree mammoth amount of water that doesn’t fluctuate very much throughout the year. So when your 20 degree air from the north comes off the the Alaskan panhandle and coincides with the 45 degree storm coming in from the west out over 52 degree water, it sure isn’t going to drop much below freezing anytime. Hence why I like it on the east side of the mountains, way less Pacific influences. I know you know this, but there’s also a lot of newbies around lately.
  2. Also goes to show after what just happened we don’t need a negative PDO to have fun. We were positive with this last event.
  3. I actually believe maybe we have turned a corner with our winters.I mean really we’ve had great winters relative to what has happened the last 25-30 years over the last 13 or so, ‘14-‘15 not withstanding. To have as ju has measurable snow without a few duds in a row at PDX like this is an anomaly. So either the corner is turned or we enter into a lame and snowless few years. Only time will tell. Who really knows?
  4. I thought that whole winter was outstanding. For mostly everyone. I guess I’m wrong. Sorry fellas.
  5. That’s juniper butte heading north. In Redmond there was about 8” total and then last night when I went to bed it was 19 with very light flurries falling. When I got up this morning at 4:30 there was light zr falling at 24 degrees and the roads were hell driving into Bend this morning. I’d sayabout 3 miles before I got to Bend the temp suddenly jumped to freezing and as I got deeper into Bend it was 40 when I arrived at work. Nice little stretch of winter weather.
  6. I honestly think the SSW perseverance over the last 40 days or so really drove this thing. Hopefully we can get a monster one next year as well, only earlier like late November.
  7. So whatever falls and is piled in the parking lots may still be there in March. Got it.
  8. I would just like to say thank you SSW. Without you I doubt we’d be seeing a map like this.
  9. Low is way south. Comes in around Oregon Cali border. Good trend.
  10. PV over central Oregon . Ya right. What kind of temps would that be over in Bend?
  11. Everyone sees it including Jim, not everyone is rational though... I doubt a February’14 happens but even half of that would make it up for this winter.
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