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  1. Looks like the summer heat may be coming back over here. At least the nights will be cooler
  2. I think the smoke may come back. Local news has the fires growing once again, at least down here in Oregon.
  3. Weak sauce. That’s not too bad. I could barely see 500 feet earlier.
  4. Seems real suspect. Feels pretty windy here year round, at least compared to the Portland area when I lived there.
  5. It’s going to be hot outside early next week but will she know?
  6. Looks like an inversion in the basin which could indicate split flow hell.
  7. Crazy that Prineville recorded 2.2” of rain yesterday with thunderstorms while here in Redmond I didn’t even see a sprinkle.
  8. When Jim reappears I’ll then consider it a win with the troughing somewhat forecasted in lala land.
  9. Hoping there are exceptions to the rule I guess. Like ‘68-‘69. I could live with that one.
  10. I know there’s an El Niño for this upcoming winter but since the La Nina’s the past three years haven’t exactly planned out just like typical La Nina’s, any very early guesses on the winter weather coming up in a few months? Just curious to what you guys think since this weather is sooooo boring.
  11. Forgot to mention 88.4 degrees with a dew point of 65. 87% humidity. Nice and sticky eh Phil?
  12. This is the hardest I’ve ever seen it rain. I just recorded .56” of rain in the last 6 minutes with a a rain rate of 7.11 in/hr. Insane downpour with abundant lightning.
  13. Watered for the first time this winter. Almost forgot how to program auto system. Hopefully will be able to turn it off after looking at the 12z for a few weeks.
  14. Take some DayQuil. It helped me out a lot and the symptoms were next to nil.
  15. https://www.alaskasnewssource.com/2023/04/08/get-ready-snowy-easter/ Seems we are not alone in the late cold pattern.
  16. Love seeing those types of winters. Unfortunately it wasn’t a great one here in the Redmond area. Usually those would coincide but not this year.
  17. What game is that you were talking about on the previous month Jesse?
  18. Usually, except when its showing torching and 600dm heights over us, then it’ll be usually right.
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