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  1. I thought I had until day 9-10 to be buzzed but each frame day 6+ I’ve had to chug half a beer to keep up
  2. EPS definitely picking up a hint of what the GFS was showing. 850s drop down around 240 and stay low
  3. Pls no winter weather on christmas day. The amount of old folks that have to drive around to see families, etc.Recipe for disaster. And you know those crazy arseholes wont stay home!!
  4. I think something similar happened in 2005. Cant be sure though.
  5. Weird that our triple dip strong Nina has resulted in equivalent weather to a baby solo nina
  6. Some freaky sh1t. Feel like I’m looking at the Mothman or something
  7. Omg how had I not seen that before. Pure gold
  8. I ate chipotle and I don’t feel good need help cc: @Gradient Keeper
  9. I think so. His hair calmed down in the latter 3 films.
  10. Really bugs me the bond gif is not actually from die another day
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