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  1. Where are they differing the most? Short medium or long term rain? One system or multiple?
  2. What’s your bet on PDX rainfall next 7 days? I’m ready to buy low baby
  3. Only 36 in Twisp this morning. But I bet theres snow up on that mountain when the clouds clear...
  4. Hes even got you beat on the non-weeklies! How the turn tables....
  5. Incredible old photo! Can i ask your source? Ive always been super interested in the logging history of PNW.
  6. Reposted that one because my hours were off on the right one, but message is the same.
  7. 12z Euro going a little differently after the weekend. Interesting.
  8. 00z Euro did seem to be an outlier on that 3 inch precip though. Bet that comes down for 12z.
  9. 06z EPS didnt back down at all on precip totals for puget sound being in the bulk of the path of moisture when the AR stalls. GFS and Canadian both think shadow or weaker AR overall, i think. Will see what 12z Euro thinks.
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