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  1. I see others reporting the east wind has let up for them. I hope that happens for us soon but yet to see it here. This has not been 2019 for me as we had 35”+ from that storm (multiple events) but a very impressive and stormy night. Thankful we wired the house for plug-in generator.
  2. Out in Ravensdale, the wind has been very strong all night and snow almost impossible to measure. Snow drifts 3 ft plus and the east wind has not seemed to impact snow totals much if any here. Been floating between 17-20 degrees all night but now power is out. Wind is still ripping hard here
  3. Any clue when the snow will subside? Up to 32 inches and worried about snowload on my roof
  4. I must have 2 feet of new snow from this storm. Not even sure I could get my 4 wheel drive truck out currently. Probably a once in a lifetime event for many of us. I would say I have at least 26 inches on ground
  5. I just built out here two years ago. This is beyond incredible
  6. I have at least 24 inches on he ground in southeast Ravensdale with the east wind still howling. I have never seen anything like this is my life. It’s been 24 degrees for the last several hours and snow is fine and light. 3 foot snow drifts. Doesn’t seem real
  7. 24 degrees here in Ravensdale (Kanaskat Palmer), 18-20 inches on ground, east wind crushing us and heavy snow. Truly incredible
  8. When can I expect the east winds to die? I would probably have 15 inches right not if it wasn’t for the wind that has been blowing hard for the past 4 hours
  9. Many will be measuring in feet when they wake up. This is the biggest snowstorm I can remember
  10. I live in Ravensdale. Just measured 9.25 of new snow, 14 total (including Sunday) and currently at 24 degrees with a strong east wind
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