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  1. Seattle's temp just jumped again! Up to 107. This thing is relentless.
  2. Yesterday it took NWS a bit to verify and get their announcement about the new record, so I bet that is why they haven't said anything about it yet. It's funny, we're all staring at SeaTac to get it above 104, while the rest of the region is hitting 110 and flirting around 115. Such is life with SeaTac being the official recording station
  3. My reading of the SeaTac Observation station is that it jumped to 105.8 in the last few minutes. Just waiting on NWS to confirm it, but I think we're there folks
  4. This is absolutely wild. We are all weather lovers, obviously, what an amazing weather event. Wow.
  5. I really hope you make it through tomorrow okay with all of your expectations built up from the internets. Sorry you follow people who don't know what they're talking about, this is a great time to reevaluate where you get your weather information from for PNW events. Because most of the people on this board were right on top of this thing early and the forecasts have played out about as good as any recent forecast for a record-breaking extreme weather event. Sure a small tweak here and a little adjustment there, but that's called weather forecasting. Not sure if you follow a 12 year old on Twitter that said Portland was going to hit 130 or something, but that's on you. These models nailed it and the GFS had this thing pegged over a week ago.
  6. Sounds like you've got personal problems with expectations that are unrelated to meteorology and weather forecasting. Keep coming back.
  7. Do not sully Mickey Mouse's good name with that 110 no a/c nonsense. LOL. I am so sorry dude, that is something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.
  8. Seattle (SeaTac) hits 103 - officially ties all time highest temperature. WOW.
  9. Nearly 14,000 without power, huge swatch in Issaquah just went out through PSE
  10. Thank you so much. That totally makes sense and that is what I was assuming. Especially because I did some research trying to find if there was some **verified** stamp of approval for a forecast and, alas, there is not. But that makes sense, I was just hung up on the word 'verify,' thinking it might be an actual defined term outside of its common usage. I appreciate the thorough response.
  11. I've been on this forum for years and I have to ask a stupid question. I understand how the models work, I understand the ensembles, I get the biases, I understand the major and minor PNW weather quirks from the common PSCA and Frasier River outflow, to the effect the easterly winds have on communities east of Lake Washington, etc etc. Lived here my whole life, loved weather my whole life. So it is WILD that I have to ask this question, but what does it exactly mean when you guys say "we need to see if the forecast verifies." Is it just a way of saying, you want to see the next few model runs to see if it holds true, or is there an actual process that a forecast gets verified? Thanks for letting me ask something that seems to simple, year after year I see it and never ask.
  12. Steady heavy snow in downtown Bellevue, been nonstop all day. East wind is doing its thing, you can tell by the flakes and the big American flag flying downtown that the wind is coming in from the east consistently and moderately.
  13. I'm not sure if this was discussed on here already, but Jaya seems to think the issue with the poor modeling is that they are initializing incorrectly as they start their runs with little to no snow on the ground, which can completely throw off the temperature forecast. If the model thinks there is 3 inches on the ground for a region, but there is actually 8-12 inches over a wide area, that is going to affect the temperatures and keep things cool a lot longer than it would if there were only 3 inches. So I think the models are going to be a bit useless today and tomorrow and we are just going to be flying blind with radar and satellite.
  14. Did the euro have snowfall totals before they flip it to rain?
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