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  1. Just listening to the sump pump working overtime. South seattle has gotten nailed. 2 foot deep puddle/lake forming in the neighbors yard.
  2. Using UW but doesn't show anything East of 405 now. Cameras still showing snow in some areas East of 405
  3. MLK AND RAINIER dumping in Seattle. Good live video
  4. Moisture definitely not showing up on radar. Eastside still seeing snow. Heavy snow in S Seattle now
  5. Tiny flakes in S Seattle confirmed in Street Light
  6. I saw that on the news before we left. Hopefully not to smokey. I think winds are out of the East so shouldn't be bad
  7. Just landed at LAX. Saw the heat advisory on Tuesday and said screw it I need some sun so bought some tix and found a sweet VRBO in Newport Beach. 91 degrees today at Newport Beach.
  8. Not sure why that showed up as Phil's quote.
  9. Yes, nothing better than beer, my bikini, and snow.
  10. What's the name? SwampCoin, 33DegreeDrizzle Coin, WeannieCoin?
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