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  1. Still snowing in Lake City. Measured about 10.5 inches at my house
  2. It’s not stopped snowing since last night, but i have only managed to accumulate 2 inches today total. A lot of the snow today was heavy snow. Seems odd. Anyone else have that?
  3. I will be surprised for Seattle area at least, If this multi-day snow event can beat 2019. I had about 14 inches when it was all over in 2019. Right now I’d guess it’s about 8 inches or so where I am. Again, that’s just for Seattle.
  4. Much more traditional big flakes falling at a moderate rate in Lake City.
  5. Just measured about 5.5 inches on my wind-blocked west facing porch. Still snowing hard. Lake City
  6. Now that I know we’re neighbors, have you been able to grab a measurement? I can only do a guess. The wind has been pretty nuts at times huh?
  7. That’s the truth. This is my 2nd. I have a 3 year old who is my world, but she is just going through the worst phase right now and it makes me calm and happy to wind down and chill with my newborn.
  8. Just been nonstop, high-rate snowfall for the past 2 hours I’ve been on baby duty.
  9. Just doesn’t seem like that will happen in NE Seattle. Maybe I’m just pessimistic. Not able to measure but naked eye test looks like maybe 2 inches at this point?
  10. I’m on newborn night duty, sitting here staring down the hallway watching the snow absolutely rip thanks to a well placed street lamp in front of our house. Never seen anything like it here.
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