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  1. Incredible that the April snowpack is still as good as it was in late March.
  2. Didn't we hit the 80's in March a couple years ago or am I trippin?
  3. I'm not buying 80 degrees this April. It will hit mid 70's at best
  4. I’ll be in New York next weekend and miss it. I’ll live vicariously through the photos y’all post!
  5. Snoqualmie Pass has 117 inches currently on the ground. Should last into mid May at this point https://www.wsdot.com/traffic/passes/snowdepth/
  6. Ik Tim was talking about the sea temps yesterday. Stolen from the CF @TT-SEA
  7. The allergy season has been brutal so far this year. Anybody else suffering?
  8. Was thinking of going to the coast this weekend....Not anymore. That half a degree was a deal breaker.
  9. Today might be the first day that we run shirts versus skins on the basketball court today. In winter, it is jackets versus sweatshirts
  10. A frosty is a top tier treat in the summer. Highly underrated.
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