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  1. Crazy that we didn't manage a regional snowstorm with this pattern. Overall tho, the region did good.
  2. We need to Jim to show us the way lol. I feel the same way.
  3. How do you like the banjo pan? It's a great alternative. Also, how do you like the sluice box?
  4. Got a sluice box when I go gold panning now. Maybe Jim can teach me to strike it rich
  5. This event is already being called a bust on twitter lol
  6. It's looking stormy out in that area!! Naw didn't end up buying it, there was a couple issues with the land. Still on the hunt!
  7. Welcome to the club! It works great except for wind. My wind reading is never works correctly. Outside of that, it’s great!
  8. Bet I can do that. Just drop something in the chat next week
  9. If I die going to this open house, @RentonHill can have my account on here..
  10. hmmm. There is a open house this weekend. I might have to go check it out. I am curious now
  11. Oh interesting. I just assumed it connected to Rattlesnake ridge since it had a NB addy. I didn't realize there was houses that high on that side.
  12. Yo @TT-SEA check out this home in your neck of the woods. It says the elevation is @ 1600ft possibly. Probably does killer in snowstorms. https://www.redfin.com/WA/North-Bend/37232-Se-191st-St-98045/home/2089569
  13. I definitely would since I work remote but my fiancée works at Harborview so that would be a commute lol
  14. That is good to know thanks man! Does Duvall get hit by the c-zone often or is more north?
  15. Yea thinkin about it. This piece of land was around 400-500 ft also which isn’t bad. Does Duvall get dry slotted a lot in snowstorms or naw?
  16. Spent the day looking at property out in Duvall
  17. We are going to use up all the nice weather and have rain on memorial day. It's tradition.
  18. My lawn mower was struggling for a bit before I fixed it edit: discard the end where I zoom in on my face IMG_6028.MOV
  19. With the lull in weather, I would like to invite everyone to my bachelor party this summer. Tim is such a gracious host and even invited everyone to use his boat and his house for the venue. RSVP is optional
  20. I did the same thing. Took the baby and the dog for a walk between meetings. Can't remember the last time 65 felt hot.
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