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  1. Drunkly walked 13 miles yesterday on the strip with my friends. Didn’t expect to walk a half marathon
  2. In vegas for the weekend. What’s the move bois
  3. Alright lawn guys/girls of weather forums. I need some advice. I have all these weeds around the edge of my grass. Should I weed wack, weed killer, hand pull them out? Figuring out this lawncare stuff I don’t know the most efficient way of killing them and not having them return. I have been handing pulling them in other parts of the yard, but it’s not efficient.
  4. Welp bois, today is my graduation day for my masters program (I still have one quarter left doe). Can’t wait to be done
  5. My gf asked if I set up the sprinkler system for the yard yet
  6. This is the year without summer. See y’all next spring✌
  7. Driving over the pass rn also. Apparently we are all headed east
  8. The snowpack is building into late May lol. (Yea Ik it is decreasing)
  9. Floated the Yakima River yesterday. I heard Tim walks it everyday
  10. Did 7 hours of yard work today. I’m beat
  11. Once the weather turns nice, I’ll break out the grill and hit y’all up
  12. My gf is watering the flowers/grass. I guess she didn’t look at the Euro or GFS
  13. Currently 81 and blue skies. Life is rough
  14. Going to Anderson, Cali for a wedding this week. Looks to be 92 and sunny on Wednesday
  15. Bro u live almost at 2k feet.. what do u expect
  16. Snow is rapidly melting already…. Got a little under 1in
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