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  1. Group rain dance next Wednesday at 8pm @iFred house. I will also sent out a Microsoft teams link for people to attend virtually.
  2. Got my second vaccine dose yesterday. Body aches, nausea, and a fever. Not fun
  3. No wifi or data? How am I suppose to live? This is like living in the 15th century
  4. There use to be cougar sighting often in Bonney Lake until the recent growth in the last 10-15 years.
  5. It is nice to see spring in full bloom out here. Back in Albany, they seemed a bit behind the PNW
  6. Nice day in Albany, NY. Wishing i was in that nice weather back home tho
  7. Sorry I got no service but the nearest town is North Creek, NY. I am staying a couple miles up the road at about 1700 feet elevation.
  8. Hope you guys are enjoying the sun. A surprise 6 inches fell last night here in Upstate New York. Barely any service so idk if this will go through
  9. Landed in Detroit and it’s snowing..... take me home pls
  10. Incredible that the April snowpack is still as good as it was in late March.
  11. Didn't we hit the 80's in March a couple years ago or am I trippin?
  12. I'm not buying 80 degrees this April. It will hit mid 70's at best
  13. I’ll be in New York next weekend and miss it. I’ll live vicariously through the photos y’all post!
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