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  1. My brother picked Oral Roberts, UCLA, and Oregon State in his final four. Would have been crazy if Oral Roberts didn't lose today.
  2. Yea the data is probably off. All the numbers are probably a lot higher. Is your son in a frat? Cause 80% of ppl that ik that have covid at UW is from partying on greek row.
  3. WSU has over 200 active cases in the last 14 days. UW has 18 active cases in the last 10 days. WSU has had over 1,000 more cases than UW. UW has a population of 46,000. WSU has a population of 29,000. They aren't in the same places currently. WSU has 10x the amount of cases as UW right now. https://wsu.edu/covid-19/covid-dashboard/# https://www.washington.edu/coronavirus/testing-results/
  4. Imagine driving down the road to cracker barrel and you run into this
  5. We are suppose to get a nice convergence zone down here this afternoon. Maybe can we can some lightning!!
  6. How is the snow over in Leavenworth holding up? I am going snowmobiling in Plain, WA on Friday @Brian_in_Leavenworth
  7. You see the chance of a southern convergence zone in the south sound today? Might see some lightening.
  8. I don't mind some extra rain in the spring when the summer is going to be dry.
  9. Rip to my Buckeyes.... Where is CulverJosh? Tell him I am coming over for a drink
  10. You should go sometime. I visited about ten colleges when I went to NC on a trip. Duke was super cool.
  11. You let your kids have parties at your house? Wow you're chill
  12. I have people in my family that are extremely high risk so I haven't gone out and partied my senior year of college. Photo's like this make me feel like I am missing out but safety first. Tell him to take a shot for me!
  13. I could use some December snow. Been awhile since we had a good December snowstorm
  14. True True. A lot of hills that are closer to the sound have a higher elevation than I do. Often, we are first to turn to rain in a snow event but that is a different topic all together.
  15. The sound can affect things about 5-10 miles inland. When we had the marginal snow event in December, I only started to find accumulation once you were about 5-7 miles inland when I was driving around. Anything within that range was significantly reduced. Fife/Milton/Puyallup have a killer snowhole and its on the valley floor which doesn't help. In comparison with Auburn, Kent and Tukwila who is on the valley floor at similar elevation just a couple miles away, Puyallup valley get's screwed often.
  16. The sound is a killler here. You feel the effects for miles inland.
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