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  1. I am sorry for your loss. I'll say a pray tonight for her.
  2. About to go sun tanning in my speedo with these high sun angles and a gorgeous day
  3. Biden Bucks hitting Wednesday. Party at Tim's? I'll bring Don Julio 1942
  4. I see that you used my name without my consent. You can pay me in proper compensation or hear from my lawyer later this week.
  5. Its normally pretty rare down this. We have seen a couple down here surprisingly.
  6. Gorgeous day and a Friday. Great way to kick off the weekend.
  7. I have had a runny nose & itchy eyes the whole day so far. The beginning of allergy season is upon us.
  8. They average 224 inches of snow per year! Wow! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stewart,_British_Columbia
  9. Denver gets screwed. Could you imagine missing out on 30 inches of snow by 18 miles? There would be anarchy on here if that happened in the pnw
  10. I could just imagine how mad they were when everybody went cliff jumping at eagle falls last summer. That was backed up for miles after index.
  11. That must nice for her! I want to get allergy shots but I am not able to because of my work schedule.
  12. Allergies really make me enjoy the dark cloudy days in the winter that are allergy free.
  13. I hope so! They built a warehouse on 50 acres of farmland that use to be a tulip field in Puyallup/Sumner. Kinda sad
  14. Starting to see some open in the Puyallup Valley. My allergies are a week or so behind normal. I am not complaining tho.
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