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  1. Are we going to be building leprechauns instead of snowmen out of the snow? Jw cause I might have to change my profile pic for the Saint Paddies Day snow.
  2. That is a fantastic total since last year we only had an inch of snow down here.
  3. Lumpy rain in Des Moines with even the very occasional snowflake! Exciting times!!
  4. What do you do if you don't mind me asking. Are you a vet?
  5. Do you use a fork or spoon? I prefer a spoon when digesting a SSW.
  6. Since Tim didn't post this frame, I will on his behalf.
  7. Yea it did. It only stuck to more of elevated surfaces if I remember correctly tho...
  8. We should have a rotating seasonal emoji. An overheated emoji in the summer and an emoji that is cold in the winter? @iFred
  9. The whole coast from Washington to northern Cali see's snow
  10. I would have loved to have snow today. 60 and sun isn't a bad alternative tho. However, snow is the still the preference.
  11. Eh, could have been cloudier. We had to many sunny days in December.
  12. I'm in the blue!!! It is exactly. That map almost perfectly lines up where the Puyallup dumps into the sound. Just off by 10ish miles
  13. Would be nice to get some accumulating snow in March and April. It's been awhile since I have seen some April snow.
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