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  1. Looks like we might get heavier showers in a few hours with convergence zone? It seems to be sagging this way. Enjoying the break for now. Haven’t kept on snow vs. rain potential for tonight and tomorrow.
  2. 2.62” of rain since midnight. Can we get 5”+ (current pace)?! I hope not
  3. Up to 2.12” now for the day, gained 0.25” since I posted 40 minutes ago. The “northbendweather” website station shows 0.24” today, is that possible that we are that different up here? Or is something off with his gauge?
  5. Answer: February 19th. Broke the <40°F streak at my PWS today.
  6. Hearing thunder here, haven’t seen any lightning.
  7. Below freezing streak for my PWS has ended. Wednesday evening through Monday at noonish, impressive! Lowest temp was 18.8°F on Saturday morning. Measured 12 - 17” of snow on ground today, variable because of wind and compaction. Minor freezing rain accumulation on branches, it was quickly alternating between snow, sleet and freezing rain for hours this AM. Once I finished shoveling my driveway I watched a bobcat walk up the cleared driveway, it was incredible! He’s been hanging out around house for a couple hours now.
  8. Skylights coated in ice. 27.5°F, freezing rain continuing. What a great snowy day!
  9. I’m really hoping the foothills stay snow and avoid freezing rain. I was in Fall City in 2012 and we lost power for quite awhile.
  10. That’s funny, I learned the trick when I lived in Wyoming. Yeah, it just needs activation energy for the phase change. I also learned the throw boiling way over your head and watch it fall as powder trick in Wyoming too but I won’t be trying it with these temps, that was a subzero trick.
  11. It’s been <30°F since Wednesday evening, <25°F since Thursday evening. I’ve been entertaining the 3 year old with the supercooled water trick by leaving bottles of water outside overnight and then having him drop a single snowflake inside in the morning and watch nucleation take-off and the whole bottle freezes.
  12. Looks like quite a few outages in the area. We lost power a couple times overnight but it always came back. I can’t even tell what is falling vs. blowing around at this point!
  13. Windy and blowing snow this morning, fun to watch! 19.9°F currently, got down to 18.8°F overnight. Let’s hope we can eek out a little more snow today if winds calm more.
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