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  1. High was only 64F today due to the thick smoke and strong onshore flow! This is typical for January!
  2. Only 62F and under thick smoke again and some patches of marine layer. Very strange weather.
  3. Even in August 2020, we had a over a week of hot and humid weather with Thunderstorms hitting the Central Coast. This year is so England like.
  4. Looks like this month will be even more milder than September 2016! Even that month had 2 days of 101F temps! This month we can't get to 90F.
  5. It's incredible how mild September has been for the Coast this year with a lack of real heat waves and the marine layer still entrenched like it's May.
  6. The sky is very fall-like this afternoon with the cirrus and cirrostratus patches.
  7. I notice that the high clouds are coming in the from the Northeast direction, which is very unusual. I notice starting this time of year, there is a lot more days with high clouds.
  8. I hope the entire west sees a cold and wet fall and winter this year.
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