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  1. Beautiful day. Lots of dark a** clouds on the horizon that reminded me of spring storms in Texas. Amazing sunset to finish it off.
  2. Nice view of town and the Canadian coast range from Samish Crest this afternoon
  3. Raining hard here now. We've had some really impressive gusts today.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Are cleanish geos tough to find these days? Ik you're a mechanic so i guess you have the ability to make more out of less
  5. Gotta say this has been the most pleasant March weather-wise in the 5 years ive been here. Some more snow would have been cool but the sun:rain ratio has been real nice for this time of year.
  6. Reminds me of the water level markers on the road leading down to Walker Lake in Nevada. A buddy and I stopped there hoping to camp on the lake last summer but with like 150' of lost water it was basically a big stinky algae puddle with a spider infestation onshore. We opted for a motel that night lol. Despite the lake being depressing af it was cool to see some snow on top of Mt Grant 7000' above us while it was 105° in the valley, and I had no idea at the time that we were chilling next to the worlds largest ammo depot. Nevada is a cool place. Not sure why i typed all that out I need to go o
  7. Just took a drive to escape finals and saw that Stewart and Sumas mountains are both covered in snow down to about 1500'. Do other people often think about how different the climate would be for many if elevations above 1000' were more developed in W WA? Overall im glad they arent, because the highlands are so pristine, but its fun to think about.
  8. Hoping to get in on the thunderstorm action but nothing yet so far. Lots of sunshine in between massive dark clouds moving overhead.
  9. Another gusty day here! Not much rain from what I can tell though.
  10. I had this happen to me about a year ago. By far my least favorite way to wake up.
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