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  1. Still holding 32 here this morning. Not too much melting going on yet thankfully. Time to go for a drive.
  2. Lovely scene this morning. Maybe a half inch of wet frozen stuff, the most accumulation I've seen so far this season. Definitely taking a drive to the mountains today.
  3. Getting a flake every 5ish seconds in the snow lamp. Hope the roads arent too bad tomorrow!
  4. Thank you both! I really appreciate the info. If you dont mind, I'm curious what the difference was from Randy south? Was there a second low east of the central/south sound that maintained easterly flow for the region? Sorry I dont remember how the maps looked that night I was busy complaining about the 36 degree rain to my girlfriend lol.
  5. Would anyone care to explain the mechanics behind Bellingham getting skunked snow-wise on tuesday night? I've been thinking about it all week but don't really have the knowledge or resources to figure out why it went down that way lol. Was it a matter of the warm moist air scouring out cold fraser outflow too quickly? Low placement? Were both involved? There was plenty of moisture that night but the temp just kept rising as the day went on. Just want to get an idea of what to look out for in the future. Thank you, -a fellow weenie
  6. Tomorrow is looking pretty cold here. Would be pretty cool to pull off a sub 30 high, but sub freezing will do if not. Putting my Jim hat on now that snow is pretty much off the table for tonight/tomorrow. Maybe Friday night I can put my rainbow propeller hat back on.
  7. Almost up to 36 and raining here in Happy Valley/S Bham. It transitioned so fast this time. I had some positive splats/bursts of snow on the drive home from work on the northwest end of town. Maybe we'll get hit with a nice chunk of moisture to bring the snow level back down at some point tonight, but I dont think any accumulation will last until the morning based on the way things are going. This event has me in full weiner mode rn. Hopefully the GFS is right (lol) and we get another shot at greatness sometime over the next week.
  8. Ayyy first flurries of the day here now. Always helps to complain.
  9. Trying to contain my weiner rn. Looking much less exciting up here for this afternoon/tonight. Have a feeling I'll be surprised though.
  10. D**n thats strange! Figured you would've gotten a little more than me being up the hill a bit. Moisture must've been pretty sparse overnight.
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