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  1. I felt a fracking quake in Fort Worth once in 2011 or 2012. It hit right as I was falling asleep, I thought the sleep paralysis demon had got me. I also felt one on the beach in Greece in fall 2013. Very weird sensation when standing in about a foot and a half of water.
  2. Very brisk shift tonight with the wind. Soon we'll be entering 'frantically switch between max AC and max heat between deliveries' season at work.
  3. Love these pics! They remind me of my first visit to WA back in '03 or '04. We went over Snoqualmie pass to Roslyn (big Northern Exposure family) and I remember being absolutely dumbfounded at the height of the snow banks and all the snow on top of that pancake restaurant. It was really cool seeing those pics on reddit earlier today because for the longest time i thought i had made up the memory of it being a pancake restaurant because i didn't know it was up there after driving the pass dozens of times as an adult. Sorry for the ramble but those pics had me pleasantly nostalgic this morning.
  4. Only about 83k! I bought it with 55k I think. It had a rebuilt title with frame damage though so it wasn't worth much by the time the AC went out. I'm by no means a mechanic but from what I understand the belt/pulley system on those cars doesn't allow for an easy AC bypass kit which is too bad
  5. K Falls is such a beautiful town I had the pleasure of driving through there the morning of the 3rd or 4th (i think) of January '17 right after that insane storm. The sun actually came up as we were getting close to town it was gorgeous.
  6. It was an '05! It died last April when the AC compressor went out Would've cost about what it was worth to fix it so I decided it was time to let someone else 'love' it! That thing really was a beast in the snow and on forest roads for what it was though. Wishing yours many more miles!!
  7. Here's a throwback to January of last year at Silver Lake Park. My little Scion barely made it up the hill out of that parking lot.
  8. There was a nice quick dump of a few inches here during the first week of march '19. And last year I saw snow on april 1st up around 800' on the far east side of town!
  9. Raining pretty good here right now. Big spring vibes. Would be cool to get another sloppy inch before the season ends though. December 21st was really fun.
  10. Wasn't feb 19 during a neutral or weak niƱo??
  11. Partly cloudy and pleasant in Bham today. The sun has really made it feel spring-like a few days this week.
  12. Wow the forum is wholesome af today. You're the man @MR.SNOWMIZER and I can't wait to see some hyperlocal stats out of Eugene soon @TigerWoodsLibido!!!
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