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  1. Glenhaven/Cain lake always seems to score too. I'd love to live out there.
  2. Beautiful day here. Really missing my left collarbone today, I need my forest road fix.
  3. That was one of the first things I noticed after coming up from Texas. So nice getting to feel 'fall' after the sun goes down all summer long, so crisp.
  4. I love culverdomebusterjoshfrombrookings season. Entertaining af every time.
  5. I seem to remember a nice long lasting inversion last winter, but can't remember exactly when. Made for some steamy (looking) nights at work.
  6. Jealous. Seems tough to get ice in my part of town for some reason. I'm at the NW base of Galbraith/Lookout Mt., maybe downsloping is to blame? I know KBLI stayed in the 40's last night but I haven't seen much frost or ice in my neck of the woods yet this Fall, even during that cold spell
  7. Here too, minus the hail. Very November-y. Almost time to start railing lines of vitamin D.
  8. I think about how awesome it would be if western Washington had more live-able highlands quite a bit. Winter would be a whole different animal. Even the people living at 800-1000' around Bham see much whiter winters.
  9. I remember being wide awake in that storm because I was driving through it from Redding to Bellingham... good times.
  10. Crazy how much better this fall has been interesting weather-wise compared to last. Got a good feeling about the next couple months.
  11. Man that's awesome! Your brother sounds like he was a really interesting dude. Those were the years my dad was seeing shows, I believe he hit the Alpine run in '89. Sadly I missed the party, born in '97. I got to see some post-Jerry iterations of the band and Dead and Co though. I just listen to a whole lot of bootlegs haha.
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