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  1. Today honestly feels more gusty here than it did Sunday or yesterday overall
  2. My buddy wants to hit Galbraith today, I dont think he believes in wind storms. It feels like a switch is going to get flipped outside pretty soon. Looks that way on the radar too.
  3. Took advantage of the nice weather on my day off and drove up canyon creek road for the first time this morning. Was able to make it up to the snow line around 4000'. Beautiful fall colors up there and insane views of Bald mountain.
  4. First time back on my bike after my collarbone oopsie almost a year ago. Caught a cool view of a storm riding over the islands from Galbraith.
  5. Thats the one! According to people on the NWhikers forum the road is open from sept. 1 to dec. 31 annually. Thank you! It was mostly a drive then about a 1 mile hike to/around the summit
  6. This was about a week ago but I finally made it out to the summit of Anderson Mt/Alger Hill with my new (to me) Forester. Super cool subalpine feel once you get above about 3200' up there. Amazing views of the San Juans, Chuckanuts, Lake Whatcom, Twin Sisters and Baker (which I apparently didn't photo). Even saw Rainier coming down the mountain at sunset. It was so beautiful I went back again Saturday before the rain started. Really wish this road was ungated year-round.
  7. I got the ole 35mph on i5 for no reason treatment today. Canadian truck drivers hate us
  8. Tomorrow will be a nice litmus test for the sunroof on the 06 forester I just bought
  9. Definitely bummed i'll be out of town for most of the rain but very glad the region finally gets to wet its whistle a bit this weekend
  10. Why do we let Nintendo Mussolini talk this way? There are other forums dedicated to political violence.
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