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  1. My wife and I live across the street from the canal in our neighborhood with barely a sliver of a view. It's definitely a goal to be on the water some day! You can get on the canal quite a bit cheaper once you cross the bridge. As my wealthy retired neighbor across the street says, they're not really building much more water front!
  2. It's interesting. We had snow this morning at work - in Kingston - and no snow at home. But these hood canal events seem to be favorable for my neighborhood. I grew up and bought my first house in Kingston, and the microclimates just in North Kitsap are crazy!
  3. Rain until about 15 minutes ago when it switched to a rain/snow mix up near the northern portion of the canal. Currently having periods of snow transitioning back and forth to rain/snow mix.
  4. Biggest flakes I’ve seen, sustained for a couple hours now. Really slushy, but awesome street lamp watching!
  5. Still big, wet flakes falling. Accumulating on road and grass is pretty much covered.
  6. It switched to rain here this morning, but within the last 15 minutes it’s switched over to full snow. Turned my tv chair back around to face the street lamp across the street!
  7. Snowing just south of the bridge, and beginning to stick to the warm street surface. Side note… you regular posters are awesome, thanks for the amazing information and entertainment leading up to these events!
  8. Got off night shift early this morning. Very light non measureable precip (just a few drops) up on our part of the cedar creek fire. Parts of the fire are still active. when we got into the town of Oakridge there were puddles on the road and the wipers remained on! Oakridge is definitely not all the way out of the woods but things are for sure looking better then they were the other day!
  9. Any recent models on the east winds to share? I’m bringing a group of fire engines down to a Oregon to preposition in the Oakridge area and would greatly appreciate any intel!
  10. Red flag conditions on the cedar creek: Behavior forecast- A rapid increase in fire behavior is expected in the afternoon hours, during the peak burning period associated with a red flag warning and the passage of a dry cold front. The frontal passage is likely to be able to scrub out the lingering smoke cover and expose fuels to the full potential of the weather conditions. Large fire growth with an associated well developed convection column will allow for the most extreme spotting conditions to occur, up to 2 miles. Expect sustained active backing and flanking, with winds shifting from the SE to the NW in the morning and early afternoon hours. Once the system passes, and the air clears, fire behavior will increase very quickly, transitioning from mostly surface fire to crowning fire, especially where terrain, fuel, and wind are in alignment.*
  11. This was the Cedar Creek Fire taken from near Diamond Lake this morning around 0645. Today is going to be a pretty wicked fire weather day for a couple of the fires down in the central/southern Oregon area.
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