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  1. This made for the most exciting round of golf…. Ever… in Kitsap county
  2. this is a pretty reliable link that updates with a fresh report each morning for large fires in the NW (specifically Oregon and WAshington) https://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/content/products/intelligence/MORNINGBRIEF.pdf it will stop reporting on fires when activities diminish. wildcad.net is another great resource. It lists most new starts in different areas with lat/longs that you can copy/paste into google maps. Pretty reliable but when the dispatch centers get busy it tends to get slow as far as acreage updates.
  3. Re-reading my post it reads a bit “hey look at me I went over there.” Lol, not the tone I meant but that’s the tough deal with text based communications. We laugh and tell each other thank you for your service as a bit of a tongue and cheek joke so believe me, no offense taken here. It’s just work!
  4. Just a note, the Riparia fire is definitely out now. I led a team of firefighters over there on the 5th and we returned on the 7th. but thanks for this info, it’s great!
  5. Large new fire south of the Oregon border east of Scott Bar, CA. Putting up a 30,000 plume top at night, not good. red flag warnings in the area and some poor fire weather coming tomorrow.
  6. Very chunky windshield splatter south of the bridge!
  7. Taken from Bly at 8:55pm. Reported column collapsed happened at the Log fire, caused quite a bit of fire intensity (more than what was already intense) on the bootleg.
  8. The 3 WA Wildland taskforces are being reassigned from the Grandview fire near Sisters to the Bootleg fire. I’ve been seeing hints of lightning in the forecasts, any thoughts on that?
  9. I’m headed down to the Sisters, OR area as part of one of three WA state task forces being sent today
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