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  1. Taken from Bly at 8:55pm. Reported column collapsed happened at the Log fire, caused quite a bit of fire intensity (more than what was already intense) on the bootleg.
  2. The 3 WA Wildland taskforces are being reassigned from the Grandview fire near Sisters to the Bootleg fire. I’ve been seeing hints of lightning in the forecasts, any thoughts on that?
  3. I’m headed down to the Sisters, OR area as part of one of three WA state task forces being sent today
  4. Yikes. Hopefully they get some moisture. Had a lot of consecutive dry days over 100 in the north central part of the state.
  5. Weather service posted a fire weather watch for most of eastern WA…. And Oregon as well…. For lightning and wind on Wednesday. Do any of you have lightning forecast maps? If those even exist?
  6. From the Spokane office forecast discussion. Lightning east of the cascades followed by winds. This set up carries a high potential for many fire starts as well as large fire growth.
  7. Quite the fire behavior on the cedar hills fire near Issaquah last night. This photo was taken at 2100. I’ve done Wildland firefighting for 15 years now and it’s really rare to see these kind of burning conditions at this time of day on the “wet side.”
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