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  1. Lol. At least it’s much less confusing in the winter. “Good” means cold and snow for everybody except maybe Tim if he’s already completely buried in it.
  2. I actually don’t think we have anyone on the forum that likes warm and wet weather. That’s just something everyone hates lol
  3. People should define what they mean when they say models look good. Tim means warm and dry. Jim means cold and dry. Andrew means cold and wet. Would be very confusing to a noob lol
  4. Went to Cle Elum this weekend to escape the rain. Didn’t work. I’ve never seen this area so green before. At least one positive of this spring is the lack of marine layer days. Atmosphere has been too unstable.
  5. Has anyone noticed the pattern getting stuck a lot more frequently in recent years? Endless ridges during the summer, endless rainy patterns in the fall and winter. Even Feb 19, as much as I loved it, was a result of a stuck pattern. This current pattern has been stuck since early April. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or if I’m imagining it. I prefer a nice mix of weather myself so this hasn’t been a great development.
  6. I don’t mind troughy patterns generally if we can get sunbreaks. Except for the days with fronts that bring all day rain (like last Thursday and Friday), we’ve been doing decent in the sunbreak department. That said, I would not complain about a week of sun and 70s at this point. We’ve def earned it and the snowpack is in great shape here in WA.
  7. Nearly 2 days straight of all day rain here. That’s tough to pull of in May. Normally we get meandering ULL’s with showers and sunbreaks rather than fronts with steady rain. Odd spring so far.
  8. We have gotten a decent amount of sun here despite the troughy pattern and rain most days. This time of year, I actually prefer deep troughs with the showers and sunbreaks vs. marine layer days or warm front drizzle. But I would not complain about a stronger ridge for a few days at this point either.
  9. Haha, I think you’re in a warm place yourself right now, right? Looked pretty Hawaiian.
  10. Lol, of course I’m gonna be in Hawaii next week and miss all the fun. Picked April over February so I wouldn’t miss any epic weather here. Figures!
  11. Pretty impressive inversion for here. Have been in fog since Saturday morning nonstop and we have not cracked 40. It was neat for a couple of days but now I’m jealous of those in the 50s with sun. We are not an area particularly prone to stagnant inversions due to the east wind so this is unusual.
  12. I wouldn’t be that opposed to this upcoming dry and boring stretch if we could get some inversions, but it looks like there will be enough weak systems to keep things mixed out. I doubt we will see much sun over the next week despite the ridge.
  13. You could definitely be right and this ends up only a Tim special like Sunday night. I think we have a shot at a few inches given the Fraser outflow seems to be over performing and the GFS still looks good (not that I trust its snow maps in any way, shape, or form). Assuming the snowpack hangs on until the torch Thursday, we will have had 11 days of solid pack for this area in the dead of winter. That kind of staying power will be the part I remember the most about this event.
  14. I hope we can get a nice inversion pattern out of the ridge coming up… we have not had that yet this year. Unfortunately the ridging may be too weak to prevent warm fronts and drizzle next week from weak systems. I think weak ridging is my least favorite pattern this time of year.
  15. Feeling pretty decent for my area tomorrow night although it will be marginal. The very same conservative NWS that only predicted 1-3” the night before Boxing Day (I ended up getting 8”) has us under a WSW getting 2-5”. I will say the snowpack here has had some nice staying power as it’s basically a crusty layer of ice now.
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