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  1. Thunder around Seattle. Looks like the CZ is setup here. I hope the trend of CZ setting up here continues for snow CZs too
  2. Oh comeon the cz with snow sets up north of Seattle and yesterday’s rain cz was setup over here
  3. Hope the weather pattern changes for next weekend hope to go to Glacier NP next week.
  4. I will take that. Lets keep the weekends dru for hiking.
  5. Oh god I am going to move from Wa to CA. Looking at the comments what a sad place to be for a weatherbuff.
  6. Isnt it already past 23z ? Nothing has started yet.
  7. When does the fun begin today? Hoping fir a soaker in Seattle.
  8. The California thread has more recent post than us. This would never had happened if the models didn't flip.
  9. Meh..whatever just end the rain and get some warmth in here. If its not snowing it at least be dry and warm.
  10. How do the models and emotions change from coldest ever run to nothing at all in 12 hrs
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