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  1. Big cap in place, very little in the way of vertical forcing through the parcel, esp. with near 100% cloud cover.
  2. Greatest moisture transport is over S/C Oregon, several IVT plumes show this well, even PWT values are highest in those area/s.
  3. Finland and no, the move has been put off for at least three more months "company logistics".
  4. KRTX is down for upgrades/maintenance with it coming back online on June 10th and KLGX went down yesterday after the first shortwave (post frontal) began to move ashore, NWS KSEA stated they had technicians investigating yesterday afternoon with no ETA.
  5. He does, just not as prolific in spring/summer months
  6. Those are more than likely ROW's for (HTL) utility lines across high/mountainous terrain. Anytime you see patches of land cleared like this especially in the area/s shown in your pic, it's usually for a utility or part of a utility project.
  7. I get it, I just found it amusing that the NYT among other "outlets" would publish such a baseless article, obviously in an attempt to garner clicks/view. But I digress though as there are, unfortunately a slew of idiotic people out there that will believe anything, case in point, yes?
  8. I love nothing more than waking up to fear mongering reports regarding the Gulfstream slowing down. Give me a f*** break, what's next, giant car sized hail in Tokyo? Perhaps Mothra finally eeks out a victory against mega godzilla? From the NY times (nevermind) https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/03/02/climate/atlantic-ocean-climate-change.html
  9. STILL snowing here in Seattle, east wind at 9 G13
  10. Full on snow here in Seattle, no sleet/zr at all, east wind gusting over 10mph as well
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