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  1. Transformers don't blow, it is the fuse for that line/bank the transformer feeds that "blows" i.e. (trips)
  2. D**n near non event south of Mountlake Terrace to roughly OLM. Slightly breezy, a bit of rain and virtually nothing else
  3. Ugggh, I wish this pattern wasn't so boring, what I wouldn't give for an AR, gusty winds, exceptional rainfall, mountain snow and a good clean, crisp fropa. Oh, that's happening this weekend, SCORE!
  4. Last years AR featured IVT values only in the 500-700 range, this beast is gonna make us remember it, I mean (1200+kg/m)? Are you kidding me right now?
  5. What's up with that bullseye in SW SD? What geographicaly is there that was elude that kind of resolution? (Black Hills/Badlands?) EDIT: It's the Black Hills/Reservation
  6. And, I hope that central/northern California gets deluged at some point this winter.
  7. We don't really need to delve into the LR right now, do we? I mean if there's snow to be had below 6,000 then I'm all for it.
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