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  1. STILL snowing here in Seattle, east wind at 9 G13
  2. Full on snow here in Seattle, no sleet/zr at all, east wind gusting over 10mph as well
  3. Saw a couple tweets over the last 30 mins of sleet/ZR on the Kitsap peninsula, not buying it though.
  4. Minor branches start to succumb to the weight, real major damage begins around 0.20+ and up
  5. Some of the highest points of West Seattle are approaching 10+"
  6. Settling in for the night, Monkey Shoulder and The Wraith for entertainment. One of the coolest shitty movies of the 80's
  7. A good gauge on how dry the air mass is will be using your location and it's proximity to KBFI to see how far west those easterlies make it.
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