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  1. Truly, especially considering the propensity of our area/s having a statistical hard time reaching the low/mid 90's most summers.
  2. As long as you suckers get it back in the DJF timeframe
  3. Ye of little faith, put your trust in the lord of thunder and lightning, kneel before thee and be rewarded handsomely.
  4. Looks more like a "K-Mart" special after a weeklong bender on Ketamine and Mt. Dew.
  5. And to think, the next time I look at the ECMWF for a snowfall forecast (Finland), it'll actually VERIFY.
  6. To each their own Jim and I don't hate fireworks myself but there has to be some semblance of "enforcement". Until that happens we will continue to see the quintessential brush/home/forest fire/s and those negatively impacted by such poor "decision" making when engaging in "celebrating" the Fourth of July.
  7. This is nothing new, fireworks have been banned in the city of Seattle since roughly the early 90's, the problem lies within the ability to effectively enforce this ban which I "believe" falls under Code 107-SE. That said it would appear that perhaps, (perhaps) many folks this year especially on the westside are cognizant of just how detrimental an unregulated consumer explosive can be and the subsequent "damage" inflicted upon a neighborhood or even an entire community. Neverminded the fact that one "errant" firework could lead to a huge fire that negatively impacts not only your "idiot" neighbor and his Murica' entitlement but the irreversible damage caused by such egregious behavior. In any event, here's hoping no one loses their home, neighboring property or even a loss of life. Celebrate safely and responsibly folks.
  8. That is definitely an F-15 Eagle and a beautiful P-51 mustang with an unmistakable Allison prop.
  9. Furnace Creek July 10th 1913 134.1F That is the official record for the world, not sure if there are any other (unofficial numbers) but that's the highest.
  10. Somebody on the westside is going to approach or even hit 120F on Monday.
  11. You want to make it a genuine gentleman's bet?
  12. Stampede Pass should only be in the mid 80's
  13. I wouldn't call it an "outbreak" but definitely has a tinge of "intensity" we haven't seen around here for quite a while. let's come back to this around Wednesday and see how the convo goes.
  14. Big cap in place, very little in the way of vertical forcing through the parcel, esp. with near 100% cloud cover.
  15. Greatest moisture transport is over S/C Oregon, several IVT plumes show this well, even PWT values are highest in those area/s.
  16. Finland and no, the move has been put off for at least three more months "company logistics".
  17. KRTX is down for upgrades/maintenance with it coming back online on June 10th and KLGX went down yesterday after the first shortwave (post frontal) began to move ashore, NWS KSEA stated they had technicians investigating yesterday afternoon with no ETA.
  18. He does, just not as prolific in spring/summer months
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