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  1. Oh S*** , WATCH OUT. Someone between interior BC and possibly PDX might see some flakes over the next 60+ hours.
  2. Never discount the knowledge of a PhD, especially one who was a team lead for the Olympex project.
  3. Checking back in, GFS, EURO still suck and B.C still in the crosshairs? Ok, I'll check back (again) in January
  4. I hope you have snowcat Andrew, not that this is going to verify nearly a fortnight out.
  5. Both but I strive to live in the moment and allow as many flakes as possible to smack me in the face or accumulate on my broad shoulder's.
  6. Is there any snow inside of 240hrs yet? No, ok I'll be back next month, peace out *******
  7. Heyyyyy remember when hotdogs used to come with mustard? That was fun, yeah!
  8. Same here, I bet he's fine, he could just be taking some personal time.
  9. How busy? Like engage in carpentry/build a deck and coat it in Thompson's water seal "busy"?
  10. And they will as long as Jimmy Lake is coach and they essentially refuse to recruit big O/D guys
  11. I see that but with a bit of suppression and an initial SE track before closing I think W. Wa is still in the crosshair's. If the jet flattens out before then I would agree on the earlier turn NNE
  12. MM5 and even past runs of the GFS want to weaken this system way too fast, I suspect we could be looking at a near YAZ to YYJ landfall around 968mb to 975mb. In fact I would lean towards a YYJ landfall
  13. Wow, perusing "social media" I'm seeing a lot of sensationalist/s posts regarding Sunday's system. Especially a lot of single deterministic model runs and folks already buying into the hype and collective BS from folks whom obviously have no idea wtf they're talking about.
  14. Yea, until your stomach decides to do a rug pull on you.
  15. I would not be surprised to see washouts and debris flows in that area over the next week
  16. Tyler is NOT your typical Met, he rarely dishes out any sort of doomsday'ish BS and sure as hell isn't your aforementioned "talking head".
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