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  1. I am currently going through a break in precip and my temp has not budged one tenth of a degree. Sitting at 31:4. I was convinced the temp was going to jump when the precip took a break because I have a very light SW breeze around 2-3 mph. Radar looks to pick back up soon though.
  2. From this mornings NWS discussion The question is will these low level southwesterlies get rid of the cold air, ride right over the top of the cold air dome, or some combination of the two. With the large snowpack on the ground going to go against the model guidance a bit and hang on to the colder air mass a little longer than the models indicate, especially for areas from about Tacoma northward. Keeping the cold air in place makes the precipitation type today for these locations mostly snow.
  3. I have never accumulated so much snow while waiting for an "event" before. The heavy returns haven't reached me yet. Maybe a half an hour or so it looks like But, I already have two inches on the ground and it is coming down good. Can't wait to to some heavier stuff. If it never increased but snowed all night long as it is now, I would still have probably 8 inches. This i going to be epic.
  4. I am happy in that dept. It is like dead still here. Small flakes fluttering down. More than last night already, but I am ready for some big league stuff. I want NO wind!
  5. While I like that a lot, I bet others are going to differ.
  6. She's coming round the mountain... And, she's a Beast!
  7. Good news. Sometimes I am pretty moisture starved this far East. It's Kitsap, but the climate is different than the rest of the peninsula.
  8. Snow just started on Bainbridge! Radar looks super great. I’m very excited
  9. I love living near the ferry on Bainbridge, but I miss the Central Kitsap snows. Today looks good for me. Couple of pics from last night and this am.
  10. The peninsula looks great and I am in purple. But, I don't trust this model. It is out on it's own a lot of the time. I hope your guys wind doesn't ruin it up North and East of me for you. I am hopeful we have some stray moisture flow through today before the real storm tonight.
  11. This vapor loop looks juicy. This is about two hrs later than the one posted earlier. Will this spread to the NE up the Peninsula, over the island in into Seattle as it drops below the Olympics? Seems like precip does that commonly during rain events, but the NE flow might change that. Thanks
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