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  1. Another suggestion that life might still exist on Mars. https://www.space.com/could-mars-support-life-today.html?utm_source=sdc-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190509-sdc
  2. "Doesn't Matter". I hadn't heard that theory. lol
  3. My wife and I moved this table today to make room for new stone and the new canopy. It took both of us on one end to move it a foot or two sideways. Then we went to the other end and moved it a bit. Back and forth that way to move it a couple feet sideways. What could have lifted this heavy SOB and dropped it upside down? It's just crazy!
  4. Thanks for that. I've been traveling and haven't looked in for awhile. I know it was wind that did the damage and a "dust devil" is the only possible explanation. I just wish I knew how it formed. Like I said, I have had canopies down there for decades with no problem. This weekend, I'll be setting up a replacement. I sure hope the circumstances don't come together again.
  5. The drastic weather is hurting farmers around the world. The farmers in Nebraska have seen losses of 100%. I saw pictures and read one article where a farmer was going out into the snow and locating cattle from their horns sticking out of the snow. He would then start shoveling to get his animals free. It is nothing less than terrible what these people are going though in an effort to make a living by putting food on our tables.
  6. "But speaking on Monday, Bridenstine said NASA had identified 400 pieces of orbital debris from the test, with at least 24 of them — each one larger than 10 cm — having gone above the apogee of the ISS, something he described as “a terrible, terrible thing” and which put the safety of the ISS at risk. However, he confirmed that because the test was carried out low enough in Earth orbit, the fragments — and therefore the risk — would dissipate over time." https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/space-debris-from-indias-anti-satellite-test-a-threat-to-iss-nasa-says/ I thought that this was ir
  7. That clown is going to be in jail before it's all over. He is not only the worst president ever, he has broken so many laws that his freedom is doomed.
  8. This surely doesn't sound like a "gathering of atmospheric scientist". I'm seeing post that look a little like they were written by deplorables. You know about those truly ignorant people, don't you?
  9. Climate change discussion is forbidden at some forums. I'm one of those people who believes that it is obvious and I'll end with that. Others welcome the discussion. https://www.americanwx.com/bb/forum/18-climate-change/
  10. Why would you need a bucket? Your brain should be able to hold facts.
  11. At another forum, a member suggested that this came out of the creek. There are mountains to the north and we are down in the flat valley of the Susquehanna river. The trees see a lot of strong wind. One of the things that I can't understand is why the Kevlar canoe wasn't moved.
  12. Nobody has ever said that civilization was going to end by 2030. What intelligent people are saying is that the longer we wait, the worse the situation will become and the harder control will become. Human caused climate change is going to cost a lot of money and worse, a lot of lives. Climate has always been in a state of change. The current problem is the rate of change. Miami is being flooded while people who are living there are trying to cope. Eventually, they will be forced to move inland from their worthless property. With this being a weather forum, I'm somewhat shocked that there
  13. This is way over my head but I was wondering how they determined that the original order was restored. It turns out that they were talking about only two or three qubits. But just a qubit being possibly a one, a zero or both is enough to knock me flat.
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