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  1. Longtime lurker and lifelong (over 50 years) resident of KVUO (in honor of the Flowman). I appreciate the insight and knowledge that so many of you have. I am a big weenie when it comes to cold and snow; but a realist in terms of the ‘needle getting threaded’ in the region that I/we live. I have been to many areas of the US on business and minus the clouds and rain , which sometimes is a drag, we win! My profile pic is real- no filters, of Mt Hood on the approach to Portland. How many people in the country can travel to 4 or 5 different and diverse weather and geographical areas with a couple hour drive. I would never want to shovel snow for three months in a row; it would take the excitement out of the possibilities. Based on the 100 pages on this thread, many of you are similar in that belief, I think. Still a lot of time to get to a desirable outcome. I root for the Canadian FTW- not realistic, but why not us? Nothing wrong with cheering for an outcome. Appreciate the Forum Ifred! I have laughed my head off and almost cried in the same day.
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