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  1. Both Des Moines and Waterloo broke or tied daily snow records from 1895!! Same storm back then and now this will be in the history books as well. Waterloo tied theirs at 6.5" and Des Moines broke theirs at 10.3 (old record 10" even).
  2. Live downtown Des Moines. Just under 10 inches at midnight. Hard to find good place to measure though. Drifts 2 to 3 feet, which my little sports car didn't take kindly to as I drove to work. Luckily Iowa nice and had 3 folks shovel me out, myself included. Roads are not bad once you get to main ones. Snow covered and packed down, just those interchanges that are a b!tch. Still snowing so could get to the magic 12 inches downtown
  3. Been seeing 1 to 2 inches per hour since 1pm downtown Des Moines. It's piling up quickly...just under 6" in downtown. Enjoy it up to the NE, it's pound town! Oh and up the Reds (for you Premier league fans out there!) 20201229_135208.mp4
  4. Picked up 2.1" in last hour downtown Des Moines. And this wasn't even with the heaviest returns which are just about to push in next 30 to 90 minutes
  5. I measured 5.5". I'll take that..may be able to get another 1/4", be nice to get 6" total but can't be bogged down by that number. Looking like a winter wonderland. Good luck E. IA and into WI and MI
  6. I am a hair over 3" already. I could see 6, which is a bit more than I thought. don't worry CR and IC, you'll have fun in the daylight hours watching it pound!
  7. Radar out near Altoona and Pleasant Hill is impressive. (East suburbs of Des Moines) I bet they are getting pummeled
  8. SPC has meso discussion out for central to eastern Iowa. 1"+ rates likely. And I can attest to that! Basically from DSM to DBQ, lasting until 6 to 7am. Fun stuff!
  9. I have about 3/4" so far but really finally starting to come down outside Des Moines. Visibility half to 3/4 mile. Right on time, too. Midnight to 8 be fun!
  10. New advisory out from DMX. Expanded to the north and east. Also upped totals to 3 to 6 for in the metro with higher amounts. Wouldn't be surprised if they do a warning once they see where pivot point is and heavier bands set up
  11. Well, some things never change. Good convos on here and the ups and downs of each model run every 6 hours. Glad to see this place is still hopping. And glad to have winter finally here with a nice storm to track. The 6z HRRR is nice to look at for here. Certainly someone will get 6"+ out of this system. Most likely in Wisconsin but not out of the realm of possibility here around Des Moines. Bring on the snow!!
  12. Started very small here as well but picked up in size with the stronger bands. Definitely not the bigger flakes you might expect. Still enough to pile up quickly though.
  13. 4.4 here SW of Des Moines. Officially the airport had 4.2, so a six inch storm definitely within reach. Good luck to those north and east of us.
  14. Just picked up 1.9" in the past hour here SW of Des Moines. And I think I'll get inch per hour for next two. Definitely a good start....just hope the ice doesn't come to fruition but have a feeling it will by late afternoon
  15. Currently under the heaviest band on radar SW of Des Moines. Vis near 1/8. Very narrow band but it's piling up quickly
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