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  1. Correct me if im wrong, but i think this drought in california is from small High pressure systems keeping all the rain north of western nevada and a lot of california.
  2. A new winter storm has been named, WInter Storm Lola. Is expected to bring heavy snow to the southeast and east parts of the U.S. Several Watches and warnings have been released. I think this may be a big storm!!
  3. I Like to do what the Weather channel will do and compare the Euro models and the GFS models. I think that the GFS models are accurate, but you know weather will change quickly all the time, and then the models will completely change
  4. I still worry about calfornia this year as well. The west is supposed to have a much warmer spring than average this year as well.
  5. California, recently they were hit pretty hard with rain a few months ago. But man do they need it. I think that there is some more forecast in the next few days.
  6. I think that at this time of the year when the west has a high pressure build in over the region, it really impacts the weather in the Midwest, east, and southeast. For example the high pressure has caused a dip in the jet stream over the eastern and southeastern states, and as the jet stream starts to flow up along the east coast it can bring the warm moist air from the gulf over Mississippi. Its really caused some severe weather there.
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