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  1. Speaking of storms that would be snow with any cold air to work with . . .
  2. 516 heights off the coast of Northern California with 555 heights in Southern BC. Gross.
  3. Way too much energy diving offshore on today's runs (especially the EPS and GFS.) That forces SW flow in the upper levels which eliminates any real cold air threat even for BC. Reversing that trend will be key to us ending up with anything meaningful. Good news is the general theme of blocking continues through the extended so it could easily meander back into a sweet spot later toward the end of the month or in early February if the January 22-28th stuff doesn't work out.
  4. Euro is chilly days 7-8 and shows a little lowland snow but that some messy looking blocking.
  5. Watching the radar that day was brutal. Got literally about 1/4 inch of windswept snow at WWU while they got over 2 feet less than 20 miles away. If I had a car then I would have driven into the heart of it. Probably would have gotten stuck but would have been a hell of a memory.
  6. Yeah the combo of lack of elevation and being completely surrounded by water make the San Juan and Anacortes pretty crappy for snow. More than makes up for being further North in most setups. They can get hit in certain outflow situations, but get shadowed a lot and have no CZ possibilities in the San Juans.
  7. Their forecast only goes through next Thursday and they really didn't comment on anything after day 7 in the AFD. Any chance for snow isn't till after that.
  8. To be fair, it shows like a foot in Seattle inside hour 282. Still not particularly meaningful considering the 12z showed less than an inch, but it's definitely not just fantasy range stuff at this point.
  9. Wow. Just finished teaching on Zoom and that was one hell of a run to come back to. The cold just kept building and lows kept spinning up off the Coast. Would quite literally be perfection. Now watch the Ensembles be the worst yet . . .
  10. That's awesome. 5 inch mean for Eugene is impressive. Any chance you can post KPAE?
  11. You're usually quite protected from South and West winds, right? I wonder if the South wind busted through there but only briefly so it didn't have time to pile up a lot of damage but was enough to knock out power. Alpental had a 121 mph gusts last night so there was definitely extremely impressive wind in the area.
  12. It always amazes me how much wind direction determines the impact of a windstorm. Areas that routinely see 45+ mph East or South winds can be decimated by the same windspeeds from the West or North.
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