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  1. If they're already automatically adding it to your coverage it seems the consultant could only hurt you. Unless they automatically added it at a really high rate.
  2. 5th straight 70+ degree day at SEA. If tomorrow hits 70, it'll be a new all-time April record for Seattle dating back to the 1800's
  3. I definitely skied more cautiously than normal but didn't fall at all today. The snow was soft enough I don't think it would have hurt much though. It was like skiing through mashed potatoes.
  4. Just a ridiculous day skiing up at Alpental today. Literally 70 degrees on the slopes. All I can say is thank god for sunscreen . . .
  5. After a slow start, SEA officially hit 80. First time since September 10th which actually hit 91.
  6. It's 66 already at Snoqualmie Pass. Skiing there tomorrow should be incredible. Planning on just swim trunks and a sh*tload of sunscreen.
  7. Lake Sammamish buoy data is still at 54 degrees but enjoy the sun!
  8. Rapidly moving brushfire near Oregon City causing some evacuations this afternoon. Early.
  9. SEA up to 71 at Noon. Running 5 degrees warmer than yesterday which still hit 75. Upper 70's seem like a lock today with an outside shot at 80.
  10. I took my nephew to Snoqualmie Pass that day to show him snow for the first time and remember the trees has several inches of fresh snow on them.
  11. Seattle record for consecutive 70+ degree days in April is 5 from 1897, 1926, 1934, and 2016. Seems they have a good chance to tie that and an outside shot at breaking it.
  12. It was also almost 90 there earlier this month. Crazy climate they've got.
  13. Afternoon temps Wednesday through next Monday are toasty.
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