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  1. Well either the equipment at Charlevoix, MI's obs site is malfunctioning or something catastrophic is occuring there. Last three hourly temps: 76, 11, -12. Hell of a lake breeze!
  2. Wow, the arctic blast mid-month on the 06z GFS means business! Edit: Sure looks like 12z isn't backing off one bit either.
  3. Going to be hardening off my tomatoes & peppers hopefully the next week or two. My early season cool crops all germinated, albeit taking much longer than usual. This recent soaking and now sun today/tomorrow should do wonders though.
  4. I'll take it! Hopefully the Euro is wrong for the following week though...looks cold.
  5. HEAVY sleet right now. Hi-res models performing terribly this evening, 3km NAM and HRRR showing nothing locally. Makes me believe this won't be the last surprise we get over here as March begins its 8th week.
  6. Switched to mostly pingers here now. Might be stuck in frozen/freezing precip for a while, radar shows the boundary sinking back south. On this day to appreciate everything Earth, mother nature sure is giving me a show! A rumble of thunder might be too much more to ask for...
  7. You looking outside Niko?!?! Biggest flakes I have seen in a long time! Full on silver dollars pouring down. Absolutely gorgeous!
  8. Unfortunately it was upper 40s after midnight, so no record, but still impressive airmass for sure.
  9. 58mph gust just before midnight reported at Pontiac with the passage of the arctic front! Intense squall dropped a dusting on grass and cars this morning throughout Metro Detroit. Wind chills in the single digits in the Upper Peninsula. Happy April 21st!
  10. NAM/EURO/ICON in good agreement with clipper system with light snow accumulations on Wednesday across the Lakes. GFS further north with Canadian in the middle. Timing for my backyard looks unfavorable (late morning-afternoon) but as others have noted, the trend has been cooler for this week, so I guess another mid-day, April accumulation is possible. If only we could trade Aprils for Decembers in this sub... Edit: Also, in fantasy land news, a couple of the Euro ensemble members (12z today) hint at another clipper, on May 3rd. Yikes.
  11. Well that's no good. Coming down moderately here in Birmingham with half inch or so on the grass now. 33 degrees according to the car thermometer.
  12. Snow has begun here. I'm trying my best to will the heavy band northward! It should get to Metro Airport at least, getting us officially to normal snow for the season. You got any accumulation down there yet, Toledo_WX?
  13. Anybody else living in urban/suburban areas noticing how much brighter the stars/planets are without all the factories operating & planes flying? Especially beautiful tonight.
  14. So when does the ~500 mile shift SE happen? My guess is the 00z Saturday runs...
  15. The next 10+ days look quite eventful in these parts. Tomorrow night's severe threat, the GFS shows no less than three potential snowfalls, and of course the grand-daddy on the Euro. I don't mind 55 & sunny but this was getting boring, hehe.
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