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  1. Headed home from Bend late morning Wednesday and was blown away by the beauty heading towards government camp. Solid 10-15 miles of snow and ice covered roads. Crosstrek handled them like a champ like always. Was a ton of snow in rhododendron heading down the mountain and it expectedly thinned out from there.
  2. So I ended up visiting my in laws in Bend. We got about 4-5” with yesterday’s storm and hoping for a little more tonight. Woke up yesterday and it was 31 at 7am. Temp dropped all day and was 14 by 4pm! Never have witnessed something like that in person. Currently about 15 after a low around 10. here’s my pup living his best life this morning as the sun is out
  3. I feel like this doesn’t have to said (or maybe it does)... enjoy these next few days! We wait for this kind of cold and potential snow for years. Especially us west siders. We are entering the time where we are going through what we dream of all year. Some of us will get pounded, some of us will get bent. Regardless the last week or 2 have been awesome model riding with you all. Rob is the MVP of this forum BTW. Homie puts in work for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I hope he gets a snow hurricane for his service
  4. I might have picked the right time to visit Bend! I hope everyone gets hammered but I’m starting to get a bit excited for what awaits me next week. I am assuming the ratio out there should be a bit higher than 10:1. Especially when it shows decent precip with temps in the teens and below
  5. Well I fortunately have a planned visit to bend to visit the in laws Wednesday through Monday. Might be my saving grace for cold. It is the in laws though so I was hoping for a nice arctic front and cold to keep me from having to go
  6. I was thinking the same a couple weeks ago. Was it 2012 that we had the big region wide one. They started saying 0.1” of ice then moved it to .25 and then to .5 and I think it ended up being .6-.7 when all was said and done in the south sound area. Obviously widespread damage with those amounts
  7. Well it is looking bleak. Living at 20’ elevation in fife makes it easier to accept a snowless to near snowless winter. In positive news...my wife and I have just finalized a new build home in Tehaleh in Bonney lake at 707 feet. Drove up there today just to confirm elevation. Should be ready to move in by September. I’ll be ready for next winter! My wife wanted a newer house in puyallup but I told her I ain’t moving unless it’s at 500 feet or higher in elevation. She listened!!
  8. My fellow swamp mates and I believe this map might be a true representation of reality!!
  9. Awesome picture. It completely snuck up on me this afternoon. This picture was from 430ish in Seatac
  10. I mean I feel like I have heard they are almost done with i5 in Tacoma for the last 5-6 years but this recent article claims they are working on the 14th of 14 “major projects” now. Claims to be done with the project in fall 2021 I feel like the i5 Tacoma construction completion directly correlates with hour 384 arctic air. Keeps pushing back to 384 when it gets close https://www.king5.com/mobile/article/traffic/traffic-news/longest-beam-tacoma-i5-bridges/281-78ba9cd0-3e8c-4a21-bedc-bafe5eb3aa93?fbclid=IwAR15tixoY1Cqdn2g89o3RAi8c5qQGJz962SmFyUNX3In1p85dPvTB_D0xVU
  11. I was going to say I can’t believe how people cancel then Uncancel winter whenever the models ebb and flow from run to run 8-10 days out. Then I remembered that I do this I expect some typical flip flopping the next few days. When we are 3-4 days out I will officially release my vote for cancel or uncancel (and I will still probably be wrong) here’s to hoping for some cold and some snow
  12. Insane!! Yes it is a true snow belt. I always keep my eye out for the forecast up there and try to head over when possible for good snows. Have seen golf ball size(rough estimate ) wet heavy snow on a couple occasions, 8” in late March among other fun snow storms. Beatiful and tranquil area
  13. The depth of snow at upper lake cushman during the feb 2019 event was mind boggling. Dug my grandparents out a few days after the last big snow and there was well over 2 feet of snow cover at their house at 990 feet even after some compacting. Fun times/memories. Hell I even got 8” that one night at my place in fife at 13 feet elevation lol. I figured it was a one in 25-30 year event at minimum but didn’t know it went back 50+ years!
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