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  1. Clear skies and 31 degrees this morning. I see vehicle washing in my not too distant future.
  2. I think the real timetable will depend on how quickly people start to switch over. You may be grandfathered in but eventually there comes a point that are not enough gas customers left to economically support the gas infrastructure. Once that happens then bye bye gas.
  3. Temperature had jumped up to 36 here. Currently rain/sleet mix coming down. Snow on the ground is getting pretty mushy now.
  4. Currently 31.6 degrees with moderate snow. It will be interesting to see how this day unfolds. Hopefully we can all enjoy some more snow and the changeover holds off.
  5. Holy moly! I just looked outside and it is dumping big flakes. Currently 33.3 degrees and dropping. Tim nailed it!
  6. Looks like the warmth is moving north. Just hit 36.7 degrees. Hopefully the colder air pushes back south soon.
  7. Just had another nice snow shower pass through. I'm surprised how quick it is warming. It was 25 this morning and now 32.5 out. Hopefully that will be the max for today. We will see....
  8. First attempt at posting photos. After walking around I think we have closer to 10 inches. Snow is coming down again at a decent clip.
  9. Good morning. 25 degrees south of Bonney Lake. It's hard to tell how much total snow we have due to drifting. I'm guessing between 6 to 8 inches. Still snowing fine powder. I'm getting close to my 6th decade of life. Grew up in the Spring Lake area of Maple Valley and as an adult spent the rest of my time in the Lake Tapps/Bonney Lake area. I can only remember a couple of time in my life that we have experienced powdery snow like this. Later this morning I will crank up the old truck and see what there is to see. Hope you all have an enjoyable day!
  10. Good morning and happy lunar new year! When I left Bonney Lake this morning at 4am we had about an inch of snow and a flurry happening. It was 27 degrees. The roads were okay. Once I dropped down the hill into the valley there wasn't much of anything. I look forward to seeing how the day unfolds. Could be an interesting commute back home. Take care and stay safe everyone!
  11. Just talked with my son at home south of Bonney Lake. He said it has been spitting fine snow for a while but nothing is sticking. I'm currently near the Auburn/Algona border and nothing at all here. Looking forward to it picking up soon hopefully.
  12. Good morning, looks like we bottomed out at 38 for a low. Plenty of potential ahead for sure. We just have to be prepared for these models to be dancing back and forth over the coming days. Still hoping for something great though.
  13. I'm an old guy and have been a weather geek since childhood. Over the decades I have seen improvements in near term forecasting. It's not a 100 percent but it is pretty good. Despite the technological advances in my experience we really do no better when it comes to forecasting more than a few days out, let alone forecasting upcoming seasons. I liken forecasts more than a few days out to watching a lotto jackpot grow and expecting to win it. We hope and dream but is it really a surprise when we don't win? I guess my point is it is fun to look at what may develop in the future but don't s
  14. Good morning. 26 here a bit south of Bonney Lake. I still thing we have good things in store this winter. Keep the faith!
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