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  1. Reporting from the gorge! About 6.5in so far. Doing a snow dance out here for everyone to get 2 feet.
  2. Checking in from White Salmon at about 850’. Got about an inch and sticking to roads. Hasn’t been snowing particularly hard but it’s been constant. I have lots of friends family in the puget sound area watching this closely so rooting for stuff to head your way!
  3. Hey all. Been lurking for a few years. Thanks to all of you that are regularly posting maps. I grew up in the Kirkland/Bothell area but am now living in White Salmon, WA. Definitely a lot more exciting winters down here. Looking like we might be in for a bit of a cluster! Nice model riding with all of you. I was silent here, but dying on the inside. Hope everyone scores.
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