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  1. Parents sent this from Vancouver, WA. That's all ice
  2. folks up north enjoying a preview of what's to come
  3. Currently very light snow here in Marysville
  4. hey guys i have arrived to get your hopes back up. you may already feel defeated, but it's not over. I went outside and licked my finger. i can confirm the air felt colder
  5. Marysville at 50' elevation. Sticking on most parts of the roads too
  6. May allah curse your location with zero inches of snow for the rest of the decade
  7. Road is completely covered with hail here in Marysville from that unexpected cell. Nice little surprise, not complaining:)
  8. Possible that areas north of Seattle could still keep scoring with this precip coming through over the sound
  9. Whelp, this snow event was tons of fun. A little disappointing for what was advertised, but I'm glad we have such a great community here to get through this together. Some of us scored big, most not so much (me). Anyways, see you guys next winter! Hopefully I am in a much better place in life by then. Thanks for keeping me updated on the latest weather!
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