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    Anglers Reach, NSW; 1,290 m AMSL; 35° 59′ 52.08″  S
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    Fisherman, Grazier, Trophy Hunter, Whaler (Former)

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Meteorologist's classification system. Mind if I adopt it? Köppen was a vodka-sipping drunkard...such as >0° C coldest month required for "subtropical".
  2. Disgracefully wrong! August here, is the equivalent of February where you lot are located; late winter. Furthermore, that "kangaroos hopping in snow" codswallop was taken near Crookwell, NSW (900 m AMSL; 34.5° S), which regularly sees snowfall from June to August; too, it lay prone to particularly heavy snowfalls, owing to its excellent exposure to south-westerly upwinds astride the Southern Tablelands regional. Mind you, in South-Western NSW, many towns above 700 m AMSL regularly receive snowfall, with the >1,000 m towns (such as mine [Anglers Reach]) receiving heavy dumps frequently. The BBC has committed climatological fraud, as usual; the plonkers are downright numpties regarding Australian climate.
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