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  1. Wow that was fun and unexpected! Saw about 5 flashes and some pretty good hail. All of the bare spots are now covered in ice again haha
  2. Large branch just fell off our tree into our neighbors yard. Maybe it’s just the weight of the rain on top of the ice from earlier...
  3. 33 so we’ll avoid anything serious. Still accumulating on some stuff but beginning to fall off the trees.
  4. Freezing rain in north bend right now. Some trees starting to droop. Power went out temporarily but came back.
  5. You know you’re done with one event and onto the next when the first thing you check is 850s in the models .
  6. Heaviest snow of the entire event for North Bend right now. Blowing like crazy too.
  7. We’re about to get hammered here. Already exceeding NWS totals.
  8. 28 degrees and the east wind is ripping in North Bend. Moderate snow. Could get some impressive totals up here.
  9. Good call out. Has then going through the morning before switching.
  10. The areas hurt by the east wind so far may very well experience their highest totals through tomorrow.
  11. I’ll take the 2 ft up here the gem is showing
  12. The EURO has been a bit on the warm side through this event though...though still very accurate.
  13. Congratulations to all! What a storm. 28 degrees at my place in north bend right now. Maybe time to pivot to tomorrow? We are NOT done.
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