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  1. Fields Oregon appears to be significantly drier than Rome though.
  2. An almanac I have from the 1990s says that the driest weather station in Washington is Priest Lake Dam and lists the driest station in Oregon as Rome.
  3. Interestingly, most of the West Slope had a warm November with +2 to +3 anomalies.
  4. After an exciting October, November weather in Colorado has been incredibly boring.
  5. Nothing but blue skies and sunshine in Western Colorado.
  6. It does seem a bit cold for the location (nearby Big Piney is usually colder and hit "only" -26), but it could be possible. If it is valid, the reading is incredible and is almost as cold as January's record.
  7. One of the more impressive records was Kodachrome Basin Utah at -7. This beats the old October record by 17 degrees. It is also 8 degrees colder than the November record. November has never dropped to zero or below at the weather station.
  8. The breeze picked up at night so the temperature didn't drop below -12 at the official station. It was still the October record though.
  9. Of note, the November record low for Randolph is -21.
  10. Phone screenshot driving home from work at 9:15 PM. At the official weather station, the temperature is currently -11 so this morning's record is already history.
  11. Colorado Springs' high of 13 was also a record cold max. I assume there was probably more too.
  12. Check out State Summary for Alaska today. The coldest place in Alaska today was 13. The warmest was 52. That also means that the high temperature here in Craig was colder than the lowest temperature in Alaska. Here's Colorado:
  13. The official high in Craig was only 11. I believe the previous lowest high temperature was 18. It's already -8 (8:20 PM), so unless the wind picks up or something the impressive monthly record that was set this morning is going to be broken. We're a full 16 degrees colder than the same time last night. If the temperature continues to drop, we could make it into the -20s.
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