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  1. From my house to yours, in this unusual year of 2020, may your Thanksgiving be filled with family, food, forgiveness, much love and many blessings! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  2. Storm total precip. here is 1.95”. Right around 0.90” since midnight.
  3. I thought the same thing and earlier was looking very closely for a few half melted flakes and thought I saw a few, but probably imagined it.
  4. Radar was showing red overhead, but it’s not as heavy as it appears with mainly moderate rainfall rates.
  5. It’s nice to finally have a defo band sitting right overhead. If it would be snow it would be ripping!
  6. December ’10 was pretty good here for snow with 11” total. The largest snowfall of that month was a well timed 6.5” on Christmas Eve day!
  7. I’m around 1” of rain so far. A heavier band stayed just a few miles south of me though.
  8. Received over 0.60” of liquid so far with more moderate showers about to move in.
  9. Had some cotton balls dumping for short periods late last evening, but it barely accumulated. Maybe up to a half inch on the grass. Currently it’s raining some more. I didn’t get home from my job till 3:00 this morning so didn’t have opportunities to post anything. My part time ag related job is totally weather dependent so we push it hard before bad weather causes us to stop, plus we had some huge problems!
  10. Yeah, I was looking forward to it. It might shift back north?
  11. This is what I saw on Monday afternoon from the house window.....thousands of blackbirds and maybe grackles as well, and I didn’t catch when they started flying across my view. At one point they had landed in the field right outside of the house. Maybe this video won’t play because of size:( At least for myself it takes a coons age to load the 50 MB size. IMG_6513.MOV
  12. I’m back...Yet another windy day after a measly 0.11” of rain overnight. Heard thunder nearby one time the previous evening. Rainfall from last Tuesday’s thunder showers amounted to only 0.73” here. A mild November is making up for a chilly October.
  13. Also the coldest so far here with a low of 24°.
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