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  1. I sure wasn’t expecting as much rain 🌧 as I got which was 0.99”. This map seems to be fairly accurate for here this time.
  2. ^^^I’m surprised Mississippi has such a large - departure.
  3. Maybe a record slow start for Iowa as well! This was as of the last day of April already for the DMX CWA. For Iowa as a whole.
  4. It was raining basically all night with very light rain continuing attm. 1.64” so far. Had occasional lightning and thunder for awhile after midnight as well.
  5. I may get screwed. Better rainfall north and nice storms in sw. Iowa. But the northern returns may partially be bright banding and not as heavy as it appears.
  6. Rained around a third of an inch here so far.
  7. Storms are really firing in southern Nebraska and Ks.
  8. So the other models basically caved to the GFS, but still need to see how it all pans out.
  9. A tiny cell that passed overhead around 30 minutes ago produced brief heavy rain and some tiny hail bigger than sleet. Also a few light rumbles of thunder
  10. Around 1” of rain is increasingly likely in my area. The GFS hasn’t shifted south at all, but instead shifted north while the Euro keeps inching north.
  11. My sister who lives approximately 7 to 8 miles se. of here said they got 2”! I kinda got screwed for my community, but thankful for what we got though! Always seems to rain more a few miles se. during dry periods. Storms appear weaker currently and were near max intensity earlier.
  12. Just as the brightest reds moved in it weakened and it appears the heavier cores scraped by just nw. and south. Still had good downpours for awhile. I just checked my gauges and was pleasantly surprised to see nearly 1” fell so far. Crazy robin had pooped into 3 of my gauges before it rained so was glad I had cleaned them, but noticed dirt on one again from muddy feet from hopping in the garden. Sure enough that gauge had less rain because it sat there while it rained. Max. rainfall rates around 3.5” at times (which isn’t real high), and the wind gusted over 30 mph.
  13. Heavy rain just missing south for now though it keeps developing to the sw. Some light thunder at times.
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