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  1. For awhile I thought I’m going to miss out on much rainfall, but the rain band finally shifted southeast far enough to bring on off heavy showers after midnight, but they were less intense by then and the lightning had disappeared though more lightning developed just east of the Mississippi River this morning. So no thunder here. Still picked up exactly 1.40” bringing my total to 2.10” with yesterday.
  2. That’s amazing because I had a high of 76°, the exact temperature that the NWS. point forecast had for me since yesterday or earlier. They got it right for me but not north of I-80. BTW, the cold front moved through not long ago and temp is dropping fast.
  3. The warm front moved through here at 3:17pm. while I was mowing the lawn in short sleeves! It was mild with an east breeze then suddenly the wind shifted to the ssw. and warmed up some more. Usually the wind slowly shifts around with a w.f. but this was a strong front. It’s in the mid 70°s with a dew in the upper 60°s while it’s winter across nw. Ia. all day!
  4. Thanks. I agree, those heaters are worthless. At least the one I had put in mine was. I retired that heater years ago as the only time it could keep up was when temps were near freezing and there wasn’t much wind and even then it was a lost cause because like you said, there is evaporation going on. I’ve noticed for years that winter precipitation is really underreported or is more than what’s reported, so winter liquid equivalent precipitation I take with a grain of salt! It takes work and diligence recording accurate totals. Anyway, no gauge is totally accurate as far as I know.
  5. Can those gauges be calibrated? The Davis brand can, which I did with mine, and it seems to be quite accurate now though sometimes it still isn’t. That’s why I have other gauges as I don’t fully trust electronic gauges. I use the Cocorahs style and go by those, then enter the correct amount on the Davis console if it isn’t already the same amount. Otherwise I love Davis Vantage Pro2 and they can handle rough wx.
  6. Man winter came early for you! I’m hoping to get more yard and outdoor work done this afternoon before the cold arrives here. I won’t be ready for winter till the trees shed most of their leaves.
  7. Yeah it was a little lame and underwhelming though not to bad. Got around 0.70” overnight. The gauges varied just a bit on account of breezy winds during the heaviest downpour. Finally had a decent thunderstorm around 3:00am. The Quad Cities were in the heaviest band and CR. almost as heavy according to radar estimates. Hopefully I can score tonight. There is a slight risk over eastern Iowa as well. Nw. Ia. possibly has some thundersnow recently?
  8. It’s thundering again, and it’s disgusting that it’s missing JUST north and south of me AGAIN. Most times it doesn’t end up as well if it doesn’t start out well or the first cells keep missing.
  9. Sadly I got rained out this afternoon already, while mowing the lawn, though it didn’t amount to much. Hopefully can get some more outside and yard work done tomorrow afternoon. While sitting indoors catching up on the weather I heard plenty of distant thunder even with the storms over 1 county south of me. I love that sound. I’m hoping for some heavy rain tonight. Most of the CAMS look promising for me, but the synoptic models are a bit further north.
  10. I remember we had thunderstorms in the beginning and at the end of January 2006 and plenty of warm temps. IIRC, the soils that winter around here never really froze hard enough and people could continue with dirt work like tiling, etc!
  11. I don’t trust automated stations, especially for precipitation!
  12. Guess I should think about crawling into my cave and hibernating soon, except I’m not fat enough yet!
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