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  1. Rained only 0.25” here. Not as much as I hoped for, but freshened things up a bit. (3.02” for the month)
  2. That’s amazing. I was just going to post a similar visible satellite image. Yeah it’s nice when the sun is lower and that’s when I like checking it. BTW, here’s the one I was looking at. Can see the cell that was over Clinton.
  3. It only hit 77° for a high today. Yesterday was 91° with up to 84° dew point.
  4. Nooooooo! You need some cool rain which should calm you down. Jk
  5. The latest Euro would be awesome for me, but I’m doubtful at seeing 2” . Hopefully I’ll get at least half an inch.
  6. I noticed that soupy air and a warm front near your area.
  7. Here it took all day to cool off after the frontal passage which is common during summer. I had noticed scattered cells heading right for Omaha.
  8. Yes it feels worlds different here than yesterday! A breeze picked up late last evening and began cooling it off.
  9. Here is the max base reflectively where storms traveled overnight and today. One developing cell passed just northeast of here this morning with some rumbles of thunder.
  10. It didn’t feel much different than yesterday down here. It felt pretty bad and even I really sweated when working outdoors. It has to be tropical like to get me sweating doing regular work. I saw the dew at 79° at one point this afternoon. Likely hit 80° but I haven’t checked yet.
  11. That’s one of the few models that gives me decent rainfall, so I’m not to hopeful yet beings I’m riding the edge. At least it shifted a hair ne.
  12. Yes much of the the rest of the line was pretty narrow with probably more wind than rain, especially by the time it reached n. IL.
  13. I’ve tracked or kept dew point etc records since 2002. Here’s a table I made. 9th row from the bottom has max dews per year. Other tables I make also have dates of occurrence. Sorry my image isn’t sharp on here. It helps to click or tap on the image.
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