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  1. Rainfall here was kind of lame compared to the northern part of my county which probably was the winner with the heaviest amounts in eastern Iowa of up to 2”+. This summer, like the past few, it’s been hard to get a direct hit. The first round today dropped .54” and the second round mostly missed with only .16” for a total of .70”. People within 10 miles west of here probably are wishing it would dry off, which it should. Nice rains here though, and finally just enough to green up the lawns at my place.
  2. Yeah you’re winters would be awesome since I’m not a cold weather fan.
  3. Yesterday I was surprised by some little showers that developed into a defo band like feature after the main overnight complex had totally missed just to the sw. But the heavier showers again managed to miss all around by 4 - 6 miles where up to around 1” may have fallen to the west and north. Still got a decent .32” putting my August total up to 2.31” and that’s a lot better than August 2020 when I had under .60” when I normally should get over 4”. Some places to my se. near the Mississippi River got inches of rain yesterday.
  4. Yes it felt tropical. Today is feeling better after a cool front moved through.
  5. It hit 92° here the last two days which are the hottest days for me so far this year. Dews in the low 80°s as well, but had decent winds
  6. Can see nonstop lightning from this cell! Velocity shows good rotation for awhile now. I’m thinking this severe storm is part of an MCS that’s developing over Iowa and part of the same system of cells that’s getting underway in northern Iowa. Just voicing my thoughts and observations on here. Later……Looks like I was wrong again.
  7. It all congealed into one big cell! Man I’ld love to be under that downpour!
  8. Might even miss me. I wonder if they’re following this n/s boundary. Either way, not a big deal it seems.
  9. Definitely sinking south, and now nice cells west of CR.
  10. It’s trying to sink south, maybe, but I’m not very optimistic here. Looks decent for CR.
  11. Kind of strange that storms are firing from eastern Mo. into central Illinois. I also heard a little thunder to the sw. half hour ago.
  12. Storms are kind of bubbling up on the back end again north of Des Moines. The old MCS decayed soon enough that storms could reorganize this afternoon, although there are some clouds around, but not very thick so far. All that is left of the weak outflow are some wavy clouds just east of here.
  13. Kinda reminiscent of 8-10-20. Derecho coming ?
  14. I’m hoping for some active storms heading into eastern Iowa later today.
  15. Currently a tornado warned storm just se. of the Quad Cities.
  16. Looking west at an approaching shelf cloud last evening. Looking easterly after the shelf cloud had just passed at some funky looking cloud formations.
  17. I actually ended up getting a decent amount (0.77”) after hours of light to moderate rain and lots of thunder much of that time. Radar estimates of 4”- 5”+ six to eight miles west of me.
  18. This may be the most frustrating and disappointing storm I’ve ever seen, beings there is a drought with nearly stationary storms teasing me by dumping inches of rain nearly on my doorstep for several hours! Only .34” so far while my sister approx. 7 miles se. is reporting 2.80” ! Probably even more than that a few miles west as well. The drought monitor may now show an end to the drought here in the next update, even though it continues at my place for today at least! Can’t say I didn’t get my fill of close lightning and thunder though, which continues, but I love heavy storms when we need it.
  19. Unbelievable how it’s not raining here with a heavy storm and insane lightning so close!!
  20. I was awakened by tons of vivid c/g lightning and booming thunder awhile ago as heavy storms were just missing a few miles se. An awesome light show for sure! Now it’s really windy as storms develop north a bit over me with a really close lightning strike. BTW, I forgot to post my rainfall from last evening which only amounted to .46” or same as the previous day. Acquaintances all around had more.
  21. It really sucks, but I’m in a narrow hole/gap with heavy rain visible north and south Insane close lightning strike!
  22. CR should do well on the north side of that bow. Not looking to great for here and kind of bubbly.
  23. That’s about similar to here today though a gust front blew in maybe half an hour ago and it’s feeling much better! Only sprinkles so far, but more is coming.
  24. Refreshing up north! And the winds are easterly north of that boundary.
  25. I like that. Hopefully it will increase and eventually all sink further south.
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