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  1. I would think fairly soon the ensembles will pick up on the SSW/pattern change and that be reflected with the 500mb Height Anomaly.
  2. The fun has only begun. Just wait! There's MORE! Colder runs ahead! 18z GFS in 36 minutes
  3. Additionally on the GEFS the block does shift west a bit to ~135-128 W and on the CMCE briefly further west to around ~140 W before migrating back towards ~133 W.
  4. Interesting. When looking at both the 00z GEFS/CMCE Ensembles Day 4-16 500mb Height Anomaly and MSLP/10 m AGL wind(kt) they show a Columbia Basin/eastern Washington dome of high pressure in place depicting a persistent pattern with a block of high pressure over us, strong inversions, 'fake' cold, and east winds perhaps continuing for 8-12 days. Looking at the 250mb charts after Day 10 the jet retracts holding back near ~180 W/Dateline to ~170 W with just periodic weak 50-80kt filaments filtering through between ~160-130 W. They are both in lock-step with this solution. Pacific shutting down? M
  5. Playing out about how I expected. Monday 00z or Tuesday 12z runs is when I think things become quite interesting.
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