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  1. 12z ECMWF 10 Day Rainfall, Snowfall totals Extremely wet as we move into May with more mountain snows!
  2. Good observation. 6z GFS in 1 hour 31 minutes
  3. It's going to snow.... .... in APRIL.... Enjoy the cooler Summer ahead too. 6z GFS in 57 minutes
  4. 00z ECMWF 10 Day Rainfall, Snowfall totals. Is it early April, or early January? I can't tell. This is bonkers. Cold enough for Socks!
  5. 00z GFS 10 Day Rainfall, Snowfall totals
  6. Welcome to April 00z ECMWF 10 Day Rainfall, Snowfall totals
  7. La Nina returns in April! C'MON!!!! 00z GFS 10 Day Rainfall, Snowfall totals.
  8. 00z GFS Re-cap More moisture for California than Oregon and Washington. Hmmm.... C'MON!!!!
  9. I wonder if I'm the last person on earth without a 'smart' phone. Well if not, I'm sure I could be. C'MON!!!! 12z ECMWF in 9 hours 28 minutes
  10. The coming warm spell will be nice get the lawn mowed, some weeding, well in between March Madness games. Oh wait, my left arm is really gay right now I forgot. I find out tomorrow if I am having surgery. 6z GFS in 2 hours 43 minutes
  11. Long range 00z GFS would be an absolute Godsend for a large portion of California. I know the chances of this are slim, but it's just dang nice to see. C'MON!!!! Day 10-13 Rainfall, Snowfall totals
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