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  1. I'm quite encouraged given the improving EPS, 6z GFS Op/GEFS. I get the sense that we're just a step or two closer to moving towards a colder solution, but maybe not. When isn't it like this. Tons of uncertainty. Always. Well except for 2008 with the unbelievable model consistency 8 days out.
  2. Day 10. Much like the Op, impressive block just slide that further east. Maybe future runs will show that.
  3. Yeah we would. The PV lobe would move right over Omak(roughly). Yeah it's purely hypothetical, for now. Not that I expect this to occur. Ya never know of course.
  4. Day 5-12(Perhaps beyond this point as the model is still running) Omak doesn't get above 27 F. Not bad.
  5. Waiting to see how the 6z GEFS through Day 9-10 pans out, then I am crashing.
  6. 10 Day Loop. I really like how much more fluid the loops are with the new 3-6hr frames. You can see just how close we were to scoring big time with a regional blast. Let's keep this trend going Day 3-5. C'MON!!!!
  7. Yep you're right block too far west.... Nice seeing that block going nowhere it just reorganizes, amplifies, deamplifies, reorganizes, pivots....
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