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  1. 1:10 AM Temp 36.8, Dewpoint 14.9, Breezy east wind continues. Near west Gresham. Good night. 6z GFS in 1 hours 18 minutes 12z GFS in 7 hours 18 minutes 12z GEM in 7 hours 50 minutes 12z ECMWF in 9 hours 35 minutes
  2. East wind has increased here. I may not dip to freezing here. It'll be close. C'MON!!!! 6z GFS in 3 hours 16 minutes
  3. 8:57 PM Temp 38.8, Dewpoint 15.4, breezy east winds continues Near west Gresham 00z ECMWF in 1 hours 48 minutes
  4. 7:14 PM Temp: 40.1, Dewpoint: 15.5, breezy east winds continue. Near west Gresham
  5. Yeah, that was a cold, deep transitory trough way out there in la-la land. 00z GFS in 2 hours 34 minutes
  6. 18z GFS Ensembles Nice improvements to a pattern change to cooler and wetter. Portland Seattle
  7. An amazing crisp Winter day in Fall with bright blue skies and a really cold, gusty east wind. Temp is 46.3, dewpoint 17. Low temp 36.3. It is looking real dry the next 7-10 days. This is a good time to get any remaining outdoor projects done, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, etc. Nothing else to report at this time. 00z GFS in 6 hours 50 minutes 00z GEM in 7 hours 22 minutes 00z ECMWF in 9 hours 7 minutes
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