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  1. Looking over both 00z GEFS/CMCE and both show the same signal with retrogression, but not far enough west, then Day 12-13 much sharper retrogression with mean block axis shifting to ~165-160 W. Interesting.
  2. Wow. Roaring gusts now. Already a few limbs down. If this ramps up too much more I'll have to keep an eye on my trees.
  3. 00z GFS Analog Composite Day 6-10, 8-14 Scoring needs improvement, but the pattern is pretty dang nice. Can't go wrong with some of those analog years!
  4. Ah is it? Outstanding. Washington County, OK > Washington County, OR? I'm thinking yes.
  5. Likewise. It's often just a bit different dependent on a myriad of factors. Depth of cold air, strength of inversion, approaching low pressure, thermal trough/inverted trough, rate of pressure rises Eastern Washington to Columbia Basin, etc.
  6. A friend of mine recently moved to Bartlesville from Arlington, TX. As for the 2nd part, yikes. The backwards "woke" progressives want us all to refer to her as a he, or whatever. Nope! If you don't know if you're a male or female, or unsure, or questioning what you should be, for pete sakes seek a therapist, not a doctor. 6z GFS in 3 hours 29 minutes
  7. Yeah. I just don't want to over clutter things. 00z ECMWF in 47 minutes
  8. Day 9.5-10 Heights rising again behind ridge, energy in Bering Sea holding back/retracting.
  9. Day 8.5 Ridge slowing down, setting up. Note the contours starting to bend around over SE Alaska. This could get real cold.
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