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  1. 18z GEFS Day 12-16 GIF. The GEFS yet again toys with the idea of retrogression and for what its worth ($3.29?), this is the best signal for it yet. Even though the block shifts west, this obviously this isn't ideal with the block axis around ~140 W and no southeast US ridge. Still worth noting I suppose. C'MON!!!!
  2. Most certainly. That won't be too long from now and definitely well before Christmas. Here we go! It's all coming together all the geese are lining up in a row. Yes. In thorough detail. It wouldn't hurt. (I need to learn when the ICON initializes so I can add it to the model countdowns periodically.)
  3. I just looked at this again. Hmmm, end of the run building heights at ~155-150 W with the Aleutian trough retrograding. Purely speculation at Day 14-16 though.
  4. I like the way you think! Christmas Eve model riding 00z GFS in 701 hours 12 minutes 00z ECMWF in 704 hours 27 minutes Think Cold and SNOW! C'MON!!!! ️🌬️🌬
  5. 12z GEFS Day 12-16 GIF Don't get too excited(I'm not), but some retrogression is evident as well as a grasping at straws to some extent.
  6. Thanks appreciate you posting the EURO Ensembles regularly. It seems to be nearly a sure bet we're going to see a period of ridging, inversion, Columbia Basin cold pool, fake cold, east winds. It could be quite persistent. What happens as we near the 2nd week of December is anyone's guess. Yeah. C'MON!!!!
  7. I'm off. I have a lot of Thanksgiving baking to do today. Root for sexy 12z runs! C'MON Block! C'MON Cold Pool! C'MON Fake Cold! C'MON RETROGRESSION! 6z GFS in 52 minutes 12z GFS in 6 hours 52 minutes 12z GEM in 7 hours 22 minutes 12z ECMWF in 9 hours 7 minutes Think Cold and SNOW!!!! C'MON!!!!
  8. Thanks. Endless inversions and east winds. Although the signal is muted, it does seem the Aleutian trough is backing off....
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