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  1. EURO starting to pick up on the coming east winds. This is with a PDX-DLS gradient of -10mb.
  2. Far too warm. As the inversion strengthens the valley will turn chilly socked in the muck. MBG
  3. Thanks. Definite cold pool signature. I'm willing to bet the farm(I don't presently own) that the temp anomaly will be colder than this, especially the high temps.
  4. @TigerWoodsLibido can you post a PNW regional map showing the surface temp anomalies?
  5. We've seen this big ridge, strong inversion, cold pool pattern a thousand times. Temps cool progressively as the inversion strengthens and a huge stratus layer overtakes the Columbia Basin to just east of the Cascade crest. Often high temps do not reach freezing. East winds develop(often very gusty, and sometimes really strong) usually only Gorge/gap winds which can last for over a week. Do not often see Cross Cascade winds as the cool air mass is shallow below 4000'. The air mass from the eastern Gorge to the western Gorge steadily cools even into east side of PDX metro. The question is, does
  6. Day 10 Aleutian trough starting to retrograde. 6z GFS in 2 hour 33 minutes
  7. Yeah after the ridge/inversion, cold pool regime it's coming. Write it down. Pen & Paper. Pencil sketch, Etch-a-Sketch. An oil painting. Historic Winter on the way.
  8. 00z GEFS I mentioned I was looking for retrogression Day 10+ .... Well all hope is not lost. It's not ideal yet, but that's a retrogression signal. Would it continue beyond that point? Who knows. Day 10-16 GIF
  9. Day 6 At this point I would have more fun wiping my a** with a pitchfork.
  10. 00z WRF-GFS gusty east winds by Saturday evening. Likely a common theme as we move into the weekend and beyond.
  11. When looking at the GFS Ensembles the past 6-8 runs for the Columbia Basin (Yakima, Pasco, Moses Lake) I notice the GFS is trending towards the much colder GEM with the inversion/cold pool. C'MON!!!! 00z ECMWF in 6 minutes
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