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  1. This part isn’t true. Summer has definitely seen the most warming but there has been appreciable warming across all seasons, and a drop off in top tier cold airmasses which dovetails nicely with the meteoric rise in top tier warm airmasses
  2. Looking at the models, a top warm August (and by extension a top warm summer) appears to be an increasingly good call.
  3. Heights are relatively high but the 4CH stays fairly suppressed to the south and east. Lots of onshore flow.
  4. 12z Euro walks a fine line between ridging to our east and energy dumping into the GOA to the west. No real heat in the long range on this run but it feels like a pattern where it could easily pop up if things dig farther offshore.
  5. Tim and Andrew had a big blow up and it was bad enough that it pushed away a handful of members
  6. You’re right about that. Kind of feels like we’re primed for a lot of activity later in the month though.
  7. At least the 12z GFS is looking a lot different than the 06z in the long range so far. Although I’m sure whichever run screws us the worst with heat and fires is inordinately more likely to verify.
  8. Looks like our next hot spell is already taking shape on the models. Energy to our west just can’t bust through. Going to end up a VERY cool summer for the Gulf of Alaska.
  9. Made it all the way down to 58 overnight. Up to 62 now. Let’s see how close today gets to 100.
  10. 91/55 day here. Feels a lot more tolerable than last week. Temps 5-10 degrees cooler and lower dewpoints help. Just a few more days then another break.
  11. Would be pretty demoralizing if we somehow managed to avoid another top tier warm month.
  12. I know everywhere has warmed but it’s pretty insane how hard it’s gotten for PDX to fall below 60 in the mid summer, even during favorable set ups. The UHI or whatever is going on at that station is just a cherry on top for the background warming that is already occurring.
  13. Clear and 55 this morning. Should be a decent diurnal swing today at very least. Hoping we can keep this heatwave at three days with some action on the back end. Tuesday looks iffy for 90 at this point with lots of HCS potential.
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