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  1. I thought we needed a super duper Niño to get any precip south of the Siskiyous.
  2. Loved that one too. That combined with the November and late February airmasses made for a well rounded winter. Gave way to an awesome spring and summer.
  3. I’m really loving this forecast Andrew. I think all the high latitude blocking is making for clearer and colder than usual conditions there. Hope it keeps up. Would be a great setup to see the northern lights.
  4. Praying for northern posters to get their snowpack refreshed in time for Christmas
  5. They strung together three in a row in February 2021. I think that was the last time there, although a lot of spots around the metro area (like here) managed a couple sub freezing highs late last December.
  6. Nice to see the mountains of California do so well.
  7. I’ll take it. Really haven’t seen a lot of that in recent years.
  8. GFS ensembles kinda look like garbeaux beyond mid-month.
  9. 41/29 day here, chilly and sunny. Low clouds have moved in now with a temp of 35. Still have a few crusty patches of snow around from yesterday. WINTER.
  10. No, we’re actually under a trough right now. Upper levels are cool as well. I believe 850s are -2 to -3 or so at the moment.
  11. We’ll be in Reykjavik that whole week, so I’ll take your bet in króna.
  12. Sadly not a ton of ensemble support for the operational 12z Euro. EPS still keeps us in a generally chilly pattern though.
  13. Cleared out and hit low of 29 here this morning. Sunny and 36 now. Ended up with a chilly 39/32 yesterday with 0.3” snow. Still have a little bit of snow in spots on the roof, cars and grass this morning.
  14. Looks like PDX recorded a whopping 0.1” of snow today, which apparently is a daily record. We took a drive up Prune Hill this afternoon (700’) and there were a few inches on the ground, with temps near or just below freezing. So close to a widespread 1-2” in the metro area.
  15. I wonder if the NWS station in Portland will officially measure anything today. We are at maybe 1/3” here on cars and grassy surfaces so far. Nothing on the road. Too bad temps aren’t just a degree or two colder since it’s been coming down steadily since about 9am.
  16. Dumping snow again here but it’s been pretty slow to accumulate since the temp has been hovering between 33 and 34. Still great to get a little sticking snow/snow in the air. Nice to get in on the fun.
  17. Minus the blowtorch November that year of course. This November was chilly.
  18. Snowing pretty hard here. Temp is stuck at 33.1 so not quite accumulating on roads, but my dusting to 1/4” on everything else is now being added to.
  19. Mid day timing doesn’t seem ideal, but at least we are at the time of year where the noon sun is about as weak as it gets.
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