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  1. Remember that one too !!! I was only 7 years old, but still have vivid memories of how hard the wind was blowing. No power... in the dark, but the thing I remember most from that night is the noise ! My moms sister called us on the phone in hysterics saying Shelton was blowing away !!! Very scary night !!
  2. Hey guy's, kind of off topic while its slow right now. My Peet Brothers weather station bit the dust after about 15 years of service. It was a hard wired system that was nice for wind info because there was no delay in updating , never missed that big gust. So now I'm looking for a new system and want to go wireless for ease of installation. I've been looking at a WeatherFlow Tempest unit. looks like newer technology for the past few years in home weather stations ,with no moving parts... haptic rain sensor and sonic wind sensor .. and only a 2.5 second update delay. At $329.00 Its getting good reviews from what I can find. Just wondering if anyone here has one, or any experience with one. Any input or opinions from you guys here on the forum would be great. Thanks... Mark .
  3. 68-69 I was living on So Hill ... what I remember from that winter is a snow storm that lasted for almost 24 hours and deep.Then it got very,very cold down to near zero if I remember!!
  4. Hey guys, i am probably one of the older followers / lurkers here on the forum, old enough to remember very well the great winters of the late 60's early 70's. in regards to the 1985 November pre thanksgiving storm... that storm kicked a** over February 2019 here in the south sound, not even close. Snowed hard all day into the night. Ended up with well over a foot ( 14-15 " imby ). Cleared up and stayed very cold for several days. We have not seen anything even close to that storm here in the Tacoma area since then. Would love to see another 1985 storm !!
  5. Where in Tacoma are you? I'm in U.P. ........nothing going on here yet.
  6. Dang....I don't laugh out loud to myself very often but this is just so funny I can't help it. I need to find my way to urgent care now, I think I cracked a rib and might have a punctured lung from laughing so hard !!! Thanks for re- posting this video. Hey, there was another video a couple of winters ago that was very funny also. It was two collage age students sitting in front of a monitor waiting for the model update to roll out... very funny ! If anyone still has that video maybe they can put that one up also. Thanks again..Mark
  7. The center of this low seems to be stuck right over the olympics , not moving much, and pumping moisture right up the sound. Is this what you guys are seeing ?
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