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  1. Shows the cold pool/high pressure east of the mountains developing from 1020 to 1039 in short order.
  2. Always love the bright color of the maples
  3. Yes worked in Portland, pretty much sunny start to finish. And ya, right around SR-500 was the change to cloud cover.
  4. Forecast was 47 today...hit 36. Cloudy all day, until evening, now it's foggy.
  5. Considering yesterday was 48, and it was 42 at 7 this morning, I call the 1" of snow a win. Still back building and snowing here.
  6. Starting to turn white, especially shaded grassy areas, etc. Even rooftops are just wet. Temp is 33.
  7. A few lightning strikes down here. Temp dropped from 47 to 39 with this last squall.
  8. Typical stormy night down here. Almost an inch of rain gusty winds and temps in the 40s.
  9. A short time lapse showing the squall move in directly from the north this evening. 1599949992_11_28.22SqualTL.mp4
  10. This November will go down with my only sub-60 high for the entire month. Previous record was 61. Only had records since 2011, but still. Also 16th freeze this morning, adding to the monthly record.
  11. Incredible sunrise this morning before the rain moves back in. Just a couple of cell phone pics for now.
  12. Yes, his new house is out of the wind now however. He use to live very close to Vista House.
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