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  1. Looking at the models last night it looked like it might be a good sunrise...yep!
  2. So nice to have fresh, clean air and snow back in the mountains. Kind of a dream to get a good soaking rain and a dusting of snow then right back to sun. If we could just repeat this every week through October...
  3. Headed out for senior photos tonight and was greeted with torrential rainfall, lightning and thunder. Didn't last long and we had some fun with the puddles!
  4. I measured 1.99" of rain yesterday (Just couldn't make 2" happen!) This was a daily record beating out 0.50" in 2019. It also set a record for the wettest September day, beating 1.86" on the 28th in 2013. Yesterday I was photographing a football game when a thunderstorm moved over, tropical type downpour with lightning. Was incredibly wet but exciting and made for some great pics! By the time the lightning delay was over the sun was coming out.
  5. 36° for a low this morning, good enough for a daily record and and 3rd earliest temp in the 30s. This also represents my coldest temperature for so early in the season. My average first temperature in the 30s is October 2nd.
  6. 37 for a low so far, good enough for a daily record and and 3rd earliest temp in the 30s.
  7. My absolute favorite smell over anything! Ripe grapes! My parents always had them and I'm not sure when it started but I'd go out there and just smell them. Haha, maybe it's because I associated it with the end of summer and start of mroe exciting weather?!
  8. I don't see a 90+ temp coming which would put my last 90 of the year on August 15th, my earliest ever.
  9. Some of it is, some of it isn't...I think this was my 16th trip up? Maybe more.
  10. Spent the last week up in Alaska, from Fairbanks up to Galbriath Lake. The state is so huge, you can see the fall color progression just driving up the Dalton. Fairbanks was green but turning too, peak around Yukon River, past peak at Coldfoot and snowing at Atigun Pass. The north side of the pass was past peak but still somewhat colorful. Aurora were okay on a couple nights, but missed a big show thanks to cloud cover. Photos in order: Atigun Pass Just north of Atigun Pass Aurora from Fairbanks Just south of Galbriath Lake Flying into Fairbanks
  11. Trees also can get SOME moisture from the atmosphere. I can't think of how our trees survive on a normal basis with no substantial rain for months, this year being worse of course.
  12. Already recorded two lows below last year's September low temp (45). My lows this month so far: 40 43 45 47
  13. September is usually sunnier than June, and most of the precip is confined to the last third of the month, opposite of June. Though I was surprised at just how similar they were. My stats for BG June/September Avg High: 74/75 Avg Low: 50/49 Avg Precip: 2.3"/2.5" Cloudy Days: 14/11 Precip Days: 12/10
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