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  1. I was reading over a peers shoulders as we got our college paper ready for print. I was standing on my tiptoes when it hit. I thought I was just super dizzy at first. By far the strongest and longest earthquake I've experienced. We had time to realize it was a quake, watch the lights sway in the gym, then get into door ways etc.
  2. Maine is beautiful as is pretty much all of New England!
  3. 6 years ago I hiked the trail up Rampart Ridge at Mount Rainier. I had never done so in February, and there was NO snow at the bottom (Longmire) or top. Then there is today's webcam image from Longmire. I can't even guess how many feet of snow there are on the ground... Here's a gallery from 6 years ago. https://www.tylermodemedia.com/.../Mt-Rainier.../i-rVVTCVd
  4. Just finished up an incredibly rare morning hail shower.
  5. Going on 36 hours of strong winds in Cut Bank. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=tfx&sid=KCTB&num=72&raw=0
  6. Today I got into my car at 630 PM and could feel the warmth left over from the day's sun.
  7. I can't believe how cold it is in the country today, particularly the south! Little Rock is -3 DALLAS TEXAS is -1 !!! Houston is 13 Just insane temperatures!
  8. I can just about guarantee anyone from Kalama south to Salem will remember this storm (these storms) for some time. You either got buried in snow, encased in ice, or in some places both. This is the kind of snow that makes next week's 3" seem pretty minimal, whereas any other time it would be impressive.
  9. That's awesome in the other way of dropping that quickly! I find it interesting how we track the cold air coming in, but when it's a huge ice storm (like down here) we track the warm air too. I was up at 3 AM refreshing the obs out of Oregon seeing when it was coming. Still holding at 32.5 here.
  10. That's insane! The trees must be breath a sign of relief to get this weight off though...
  11. Warming approaching Portland in areas. Sandy up 7 degrees in 15 MINUTES. McMinnville up to 47 from 38 last hour.
  12. Just talked to my brother in Oregon City and he reports fast melting. Lots of ice falling from trees. Also nice to see Colton has jumped up to 47...up 6 degrees in a half hour.
  13. I have 31 in Battle Ground but no icing, but hearing multiple reports from all around of icing. Ridgefield, Amboy, Felida.
  14. Ended this event with 18.3" of snow. If someone would have said that last week I would have laughed in their face! Now 32.3 and things are melting.
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