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  1. Was hoping for sun today before we sunk into the inversion, no such luck. Meanwhile, at Timberline...
  2. Mine was really bad for about 12-16 hours, can still feel a bit of a fever and maybe a slight headache. One of the worst headaches overnight that first night and slept 90% of the time between 8 PM and 2 PM yesterday. No other symptoms, fingers crossed.
  3. Think I joined the not-so-exclusive Corona Club...man hit me like a bus last night! Massive headache, and bad fever. Didn't even feel safe driving today so lethargic.
  4. HHahah I was just looking at that. Very rare. Not even a small craft advisory on the coasts.
  5. 1.16.22 The least windy day... I've never recorded a day with an average wind speed of 0.0 mph until today. The "wind" briefly spiked up to 5 mph before noon, and nothing since. Also, note the pressure graph, I've circled the 3 pressure waves from the volcanic eruption on Tonga, the latest coming this afternoon around 3:45.
  6. Maybe the next inversion will be colder? This one is pea-soup and 37-42 degrees.
  7. So incredibly humbled this morning! Check out the pressure wave from the Tonga eruption that hit my station around 430 this morning.
  8. If you'd told me yesterday was March I would have believed you. 62 degrees, frogs croaking. Light rain this morning and 47 mild degrees.
  9. Ran out the door to get sunset pictures, forgot my phone and everything.
  10. First 60 of the year...earliest on record beating out January 13th in 2018.
  11. I was hoping for an epic, whole sky on fire this morning with the cool asperatus clouds. Instead, just a very small area right around Mount Hood lit up with a wave like cloud cresting over the top from SW to NE.
  12. Mid to upper 50s in most areas in western Oregon and SW Washigton, outside of right near the Columbia River Gorge.
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