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  1. I've noticed El Nino winters tend to bring more (in quantity) colorful sunrises as systems remain weak and typically move south, so here's hoping we don't have too many like today!
  2. Spent the whole day in the 30s yesterday, first time since February 4th. 3rd coldest high of the year. It was foggy all day then late last night and dropped to freezing before midnight. Now 29 and clear.
  3. Fog lifted into low clouds here in Battle Ground and never cleared. 3 miles west, the sun is out. High of 45 today.
  4. I still find it interesting how nice quality the webcams are in Alaska, but on a pass that sees hundreds (or thousands?) of cars a day looks like it does...
  5. Midnight high of 50 today, with a daytime high of 48. Heavy showers this afternoon and even a few rumbles of thunder. I average one thunder day in November about every other year.
  6. Today the sun will rise at 12:54 in Barrow (Utqiagvik), Alaska and sets just 34 minutes later. It will be the last time the town sees the sun until January 22nd, 2021. Another interesting fact, the sun would not be visible above the horizon, but refraction from the earth's atmosphere bends the light so it is able to be seen. The sun never make it past -0.2 degrees BELOW the horizon. So, when you think it's dark and gloomy here...remember this
  7. Ahh Cape D! When I first started taking wave pictures there, I'd be the only one...now there is a row of photographers! This one worked best in black and white.
  8. Made it down to the Long Beach Peninsula today, seemed fairly typical storm there, though a tree took out a major transmission line and a lot of the pen was out even after we left. Decent waves, but not the largest I've seen. Here's a couple of cell phone pics, almost 1,500 pics on the camera to go through! Surprised at the amount of downed trees too given this seemed fairly typical for the coast.
  9. Just now picking up an east wind. 29.38" and falling but slowly. Interesting map this morning showing 62 degrees with an east wind at 1,500' on Larch Mountain, meanwhile it's 41 here.
  10. Strangely quiet, mild and foggy here right now. 29.69" and falling.
  11. I notice after the huge low, the GFS wants to develop a much weaker but closer low, curious if it becomes stronger over the next few model runs.
  12. Rather heavy rain suddenly ended not long ago. 0.67" so far. My friend reports southerly winds to 30 mph in Oregon City, east at 3 mph here.
  13. December 2008 WAS my driest December (3.07") ever...along with 21.5" of snow, my snowiest month ever. 2013 is now my driest December at 2.02" but it was also my 2nd coolest.
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