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  1. Tonight's storm looked way more impressive than anything I've seen here. Just a couple of rumbles and torrential rain.
  2. 0.72" yesterday! That was nice. Dropped to 58 degrees before midnight to avoid a 60+ low so that was also nice.
  3. Up to 0.51" for the day. Like Tim said, I love out east and west 150 miles it's sunny, but stuck in the rain almost all day here.
  4. Ahhhh the rain is nice to listen to! So mild this morning at 60 degrees for a low but over 1/2" of rain since 6 PM. Last June was record wet for me, so I don't always see this as fire-stopping, but any natural water my trees and plants can get is great. This along with refilling reservoirs and aquifers can only be good news down here. The even better part is how this has missed MOST of the outdoor graduation ceremonies.
  5. A lot more sunbreaks this morning that I was expecting. Already up to 57 after a low of just 51.
  6. A heavy shower has developed over my house and has dumped almost a 1/2" of rain. Peak rainfall rate was 4.24"/hour. The best part is during all of this I can see blue sky just to the west!
  7. Just for fun, both the PDX and Langely Hill radars are not currently operational.
  8. I was looking back, and the last time I had snowy June webcam pictures from the mountains was 2011 and 2012.
  9. I was just looking at my weather records. Today's high of 59 is the coolest June high since 58 last year also on the 6th. I found it interesting on both my Battle Ground and Vancouver stations, June 5th-15th is the coolest period of the month. Example: In 25 years of records, the average high on the 3rd is 74, but just 69 on the 10th.
  10. 0.08" with showers and sunbreaks...cherry tree is more loaded this year than ever before...but not a single pear. Last year I had so many pears it snapped a branch.
  11. I think the PDX radar is down until maybe the 13th? It's raining pretty hard here right now.
  12. Interesting how the storms are converging and that outflow boundary is insane!
  13. It's very nice to have central AC. I realize more how much nicer it is at night than even during the day. Arriving home at nearly 10 last night when it was still nearly 80 outside, the house was in the upper 60's. It's much easier to be okay with the heat when there's a place to easily cool off. Low of just 58 this morning.
  14. Mild start to June. 53 for a low. Turned the AC on for the first time yesterday.
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