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  1. Cloudy with light rain/mist most of the day and only 0.22" to show for it. 52, after a low of 48. This is true NW weather.
  2. I was hoping for the trifecta with this trip to Rainier. Aurora, a great sunrise and lenticular clouds. Well, what a disappointment, no lenticular clouds. Had to settle for 4 hours+ of the aurora and a stunning sunrise. The dusting of snow was amazing for pictures. By the time I left around noon the mountain was largely hidden by clouds.
  3. This morning's low of 29.7 is my first freeze of the season, about 2 weeks ahead of average. Average is October 29th, and this is the 2nd earliest first freeze we have recorded. 2019 was the earliest, on October 1st, and by the 12th we had already recorded four 32- lows. The 29.7 also breaks the daily record of 34, also set in 2019.
  4. Low of 35 this morning before the fog formed, which is so easy to see on the graph. Looking forward to an amazing sunrise tomorrow after a possible freeze.
  5. Just had a nice heavy showers with hail. Temperature dropped to 48 with a rainfall rate of 2.67"/hour.
  6. Back edge of whatever that was just moved through. 2.98"/hour rainfall rate with 0.49" for the day. Also at my low, for now, at 51.5.
  7. Mild this morning at 54. Looking forward to a wet day so I can get more work done on senior pictures hah
  8. October perfection! Lows around 40 with highs in the mid 60s. 10 degrees cooler would be even more perfect-er. Hah
  9. Gorgeous morning with some nice cap and lenticular clouds around Mount Hood and mist in the trees...
  10. What a fun evening! Tornado track about a mile north of my house, my guess is an EF-0, possibly a low end EF-1. Was able to forecast it about 20 minutes ahead of me seeing power flashes and calling 911. Very minor damage but the sound of it was pretty intense! I was able to get right into the wind field and watch large tree branches go down. I'm going to head out tomorrow and look at more damage, tree on car etc. I can't post the video here but it's on my Facebook or your local news. The video is from my house looking north, notice the rotation toward the bottom, and another opposite rotation toward the upper right just after. 615482098_Clip(September272021at650PM).mp4
  11. Third day of thunder this month in an overall quite year for storms. 0.70" on the day.
  12. Looking at the models last night it looked like it might be a good sunrise...yep!
  13. I was there 10 days ago and it was a very warm 70 degrees!
  14. So nice to have fresh, clean air and snow back in the mountains. Kind of a dream to get a good soaking rain and a dusting of snow then right back to sun. If we could just repeat this every week through October...
  15. Headed out for senior photos tonight and was greeted with torrential rainfall, lightning and thunder. Didn't last long and we had some fun with the puddles!
  16. I measured 1.99" of rain yesterday (Just couldn't make 2" happen!) This was a daily record beating out 0.50" in 2019. It also set a record for the wettest September day, beating 1.86" on the 28th in 2013. Yesterday I was photographing a football game when a thunderstorm moved over, tropical type downpour with lightning. Was incredibly wet but exciting and made for some great pics! By the time the lightning delay was over the sun was coming out.
  17. 36° for a low this morning, good enough for a daily record and and 3rd earliest temp in the 30s. This also represents my coldest temperature for so early in the season. My average first temperature in the 30s is October 2nd.
  18. 37 for a low so far, good enough for a daily record and and 3rd earliest temp in the 30s.
  19. My absolute favorite smell over anything! Ripe grapes! My parents always had them and I'm not sure when it started but I'd go out there and just smell them. Haha, maybe it's because I associated it with the end of summer and start of mroe exciting weather?!
  20. I don't see a 90+ temp coming which would put my last 90 of the year on August 15th, my earliest ever.
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