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  1. It didn’t last long but it came down hard enough to wake me from a dead sleep. I’ve been focused on other things so I haven’t been posting unless something noteworthy happens where I am.
  2. I’m alive, folks. Just not much to talk about. If we get some rain I’ll reappear lol.
  3. Static shock alert. It’s dry out there, but the gusty winds have mostly stayed to the valleys. 72-74 here. Very pleasant daytime temps.
  4. Also, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are out. You know it’s uneventful when I bring gaming in here
  5. Yup. At least opening the windows can help let the warmer outside air in. It’s a bit cooler than yesterday but still very pleasant despite the cold lows.
  6. Not as chilly last night here compared to what it’s been. The nighttime temps in the Santa Maria Valley are really freaky. Our low was more like 52 and our high was around 73. Still one of the chilliest Novembers I can remember in a while.
  7. Slide, slide, sliding on down from the inside. Any marine clouds that got established here were knocked out. It’s a dry slider with little if any rain. Now seeing a call for a robust Santa Ana event midweek.
  8. Warm days, chilly nights. Earliest onset of consistent 40s and locally 30s lows I can remember in a very long time.
  9. Impressive chill for not even halfway through November. It was in the 40s overnight even at the beach. Them’s the breaks in the climate change era: wild swings from one blocking pattern to another.
  10. It JUST now began here. Very abrupt and aggressive onset!
  11. Okay now we’re talking. Tuesday is when it could get exciting, especially on coastal slope areas: https://marineweather.net/coastal/point-mugu-to-san-mateo-pt-ca-including-santa-catalina-and-anacapa-islands-coastal-forecast
  12. It’s like we skipped most of fall and went right to winter. Even here we’ve had some upper 40s at night. The heater is on this morning! Low November sun angle means it takes a while to warm up from the chill of the night. Still 58F here.
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