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  1. Hope our buddy Thunder98 isn’t too depressed yet. The last few years have been rough for Central Coasters.
  2. Weak eddy is back, helping to clear out west facing beaches in the morning while south facing ones are cloudier. That usually shifts as the day wears on and the sea breeze develops.
  3. Not much to say about today. Pretty much a standard, run of the mill July day. But at least it’s not No-sky July. Yet…
  4. Neat photo op. Taken from my car in the Chavez Ravine area on my way back from Pasadena.
  5. Already quite breezy here. Kicked in about 2 hours earlier than yesterday which will tamp down highs in the coastal strip quite a bit. Inland areas should finally see a real cool down going into the 4th of July weekend, especially at night.
  6. They were gone pretty fast here but they have a habit of roaring back in after lunchtime, depending on the strength of the inversion and the onshore flow. More of those scraggly middle/high clouds have been passing by last night and into today. A pretty solid June, all things considered. The gloom wasn’t terrible; and we even got a surprise thunderstorm event. Fingers crossed for some interesting things in July.
  7. Nice and warm down to the coast today though the marine layer has already returned to the Santa Monica Bay.
  8. Some monsoon-like clouds are showing up, though it’s nowhere near us. I’m guessing they’re the ragged remnants of Celia, pushed our way by the southerly flow.
  9. We often reach our high before noon here, unlike more inland areas. The exception is on days with slow clearing or atypical timing of the sea breeze. Its kicking in hard now. 75 and dropping — will probably hover at 72-73 until near sunset and then slowly drop to the low.
  10. Amazing what a small shift in the pattern can do here at the coast. Car wash reads 79, when during the “heatwave” it never broke 72. Best day to hit the beach in a while!
  11. Marine layer deepened and the eddy’s back — and counterintuitively, that can be a win-win situation that aids coastal clearing and helps break the heat wave inland.
  12. Celia’s remnants can be seen churning far to our south. We might get a swell but they’re expected to dissipate in the open Pacific around Thursday. Low clouds already trying to roll back in here. Tomorrow should be a big shift where it’ll be a more typical grey blanket instead of low lying foggy gunk.
  13. According to Google reports, only 3 beaches in LAC on down haven’t broken 70. Mine is one, of course. Southern Santa Monica Bay is a microclimate within a microclimate. It’s not uncommon for our high to be cooler than even the Santa Monica pier during the summer! Only a few other exposed towns with weather stations feet from the water, like Malibu, Coronado, or San Clemente, can challenge it. On the other side of the same coin, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach are two towns that have claimed to be USDA Zone 11 in the winter, a distinction otherwise only held by parts of South Florida and the lower elevations of Hawaii.
  14. A bit warmer near the coast today, except right on the water on highly exposed west facing beaches where fog still persists. Still they’ve all hit 70 or should later on.
  15. Inversion seems a bit weaker as it’s clearing faster, but not at all beaches. It cleared out at my house but there is still fog in the vicinity.
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