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  1. Taos, New Mexico -- It was cloudy dark most of yesterday, but moderate -- around 62 F. This morning there were big patches of snow on the Sangre De Cristos (southern Rocky Mountains). Today has been completely overcast and for about three hours or more it has been raining steadily. Now at 6 p.m. Mountain daylight time (1 a.m. GMT), the temperature is 42 F. I expect there will be a lot more snow visible up on the mountains once this cloud cover clears off.
  2. Yesterday, dark clouds -- maybe cumulostratus? -- moved in over the Taos, New Mexico area. Last night, the low was 42 F. (5.6 C.). There was a period of moderate rain. This morning, there were patches of snow up on the Sangre De Cristo mountains; I don't expect they'll last too long. Looks nice, though. Now (9:30 a.m. Mountain time [Tango time zone]) it is a little blustery, and raining. I like it.
  3. Does anyone know of a non-toxic way to keep wasps, hornets, and bees from making a home in the little thermometer shelter? Is there a shelter design that works to this effect? I was thinking that perhaps having all curved interior joints with no sharp angles where the walls join might discourage wasp colonization, but I am interested to know others' experiences with this issue. Thank you.
  4. I think calculus is beautiful. It is mind-expanding. I wonder if that's why it is required for science majors, because I've known working scientists -- one a cutting-edge expert in her field -- and they agree that one does not use calculus once out in the "working" science world. Computers do all that work.
  5. I'm utterly unfamiliar with weather equipment. What other reasonably-priced brands can you suggest? Yes, just temperature is fine. I don't need electronic either. I'm simply new to the continental interior and interested in finding out how cold or warm it gets in our little micro-climate here. (I suspect that the nearest "official" temperatures are usually a bit warmer in winter than right here, and cooler in summer.) Thank you.
  6. Thank you. Maybe I should forget about the recording aspect. Is there a good-quality, recommendable analog thermometer? I ask because two non-digital thermometers in a row have proven to be inaccurate.
  7. I'm new here -- in northern New Mexico as well as in this forum. And I am not a weather geek, although in my maritime-related career I paid a lot of attention to (1) fog, and (2) storms. (There was a LOT of fog, but not many storms, in the San Francisco Bay area, where I worked.) I am a retiree, and a refugee from what I call the namby-pamby, sissy weather of coastal California. Spent most of my life there, where it's always nice and mild, and I always wanted to live somewhere where the weather has character -- some muscle, some teeth. So -- at least for now, we're in the southern Rockies,
  8. I am asking for advice on a relatively inexpensive recording thermometer. It need not be high-tech, computer-data generating type of thing, although if the price is reasonable, I'm not against high tech. I look forward to reading your advice. Thank you.
  9. Which forum is appropriate to ask for recommendations on weather equipment? I am brand new here. Thank you. cogreg
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